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Worst MMO Ever? – Tera

Josh Strife Hayes
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Oh Tera, how the mighty have fallen.

Tera, or The Exiled Realm of Arboren, is an eastern MMO with a fantastic combat system and an excessive cosmetic shop.

It is the absolute epitome of style over substance, a flashy eye catching action game with no real lore or story or reason to exist beyond ‘go kill big stuff’.

Killing the big stuff is incredibly fun though.

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  1. I played this game during a kinda shitty breakup 2 years ago and it was really fun at a time where I felt super shitty. I got to this fishing quest and then never played it again because the fishing was just really boring.

  2. Tera should just license out their gameplay ip to a company that can do story telling and design.

  3. Tera looks to me to be a very pretty empty husk of a game.

  4. Hmm you should try… phantasy star online 2 new genesis…

  5. Someone has a problem with good looking characters. Hope you never play BDO buddy…

  6. Tera made me realize how much I want to ** an Elin

  7. Actually got me with "giggly" last video I watched but forgot. Did it this time keep up the amazing videos!

  8. Michael Hogan also played Doc Mitchell in Fallout New Vegas. I didn't know until you played his voice here, I paused the video to think. Because I knew I heard the voice before. I googled it and, yup its the same guy. Doc Mitchell is the first NPC you meet in the game once you're past the cutscene with Benny and his goons. Doc patches you up and helps you create your character then sends out on your way.

  9. 15:59 I am not even a fan of that show and it only took two lines to recognize the voice.

  10. Every Josh says about this game wants to make me play it more. A dress up JoJo simulator with kickass action? I'm sold.

  11. Any one else despise these really flashy messy pop up ads pay to win games, specially Mobil games. I wouldn’t be caught dead playing them

  12. TERA is the only MMORPG I ever bothered playing for a longer period of time. Started back in EU closed beta, played for years, quit around the time they nerfed the main method for enchantment resource farming to make people buy it more from cash shop, what a joke of a decision that was… It's such a shame to see it in its current state. Never understood why they added flying mounts, never enjoyed "silly" cosmetics like wonky swimsuits, mascot outfits or the freaking CARS as mounts. They've even completely recreated the tutorial/starting area twice for no apparent reasons either, as if to show how little they cared about the plot as well. There used to be some actually interesting GvG and… alliance(?) stuff going on in the game at some point too, but I have no clue how those are doing at the moment. Probably completely dead since a long while ago.

    TERA will always hold a special place in my heart, even if every single time I consider going back to TERA I just get reminded of what it is nowadays and feel half depressed, half nostalgic about the fun times I had with it back in the day. I'm just glad that most people seem to agree the combat is BRILLIANT – it's such a shame people won't get to enjoy it due to the mess it's been buried under. If they just reverted the game back to the state when Manaya's Core was added it'd probably be more enjoyable than what it currently is. Best dungeons the game ever had would be still relevant, there'd be no drama about race-locked classes and it would lack most of the inconsistent "funny" costumes and mounts.

  13. One of the patches messed up my Aman facial appearance and CS refused to fix it. That's when I quit.

  14. You're making me want to go back to TERA and spend another few years of my life on this hilariously dumb but brilliantly fun game.

  15. Surprised you missed that Michael Hogan also voiced General Tulius from Skyrim

  16. tera wasn't that bad early on, it's just very forgettable

  17. Damnit, got me with the jiggle. Paid the toll.

  18. I had lots of fun with this game… a decade ago. Then they did a server merge/change and lost my characters, so I stopped playing entirely

  19. Liked, but i was already subbed… does this mean i unsub now?

  20. Time to get YASSIFIED XD
    I quit this just after the Elin race came out. Neat to see TERA didn't change. At all.

    Also… I don't remember Flying mounts being possible in the city before. Huh.

  21. "you heard the word jiggle, you now have to like and sub"
    I did, I did, and I did…. Good Day Sir.

  22. 'schoolgirls squid game boss fight in anime world' for some reason sound wrong and from Japan.

  23. 0:13 yes this is true for every Japanese mmo if you are the cuck who always plays a female. Never understood that mindset

  24. Should have called the evil race Karen's. Then it could have been Ellen's vs Karen's. Wasted opportunity.

  25. Sure it's a bad MMO but look at the T&A
    Nah it's still bad

  26. Oh my gods I'm HORRIFIED by the clowns and juglars, its become a running gag in our friend group those evil monsters bloody traumatized me.
    Those are the only things I ever died to in that game, I still absolutely DESPISE those bastards 😭

  27. Michael hogan best known for playing colonel saul tigh? he's fucking general tullius man!!!

  28. 16:40 Sam ale? You mean Sam I El? Those Koreans have no respect for the Christians retconning of the Bible’s established characters.

  29. Somebody's got to set up that… convention mishap.

  30. The voice of the leader does not match the character's looks or his actions at all. The VA actually sounds bored.

  31. it is so frustrating to me that your chosen hair color is constantly significantly more saturated than everything around you. it doesn't fit the tone at all. do better, tera.

    edit: oh god! the jumpsuit is awful as well!

  32. I have fond memories of this game before the advent of gender/race-locked classes and transition to f2p kind of soured me on it. I still remember getting ambushed by 2 outlaws and almost beating them by utilizing the lancer's gap-closing and stun abilities, leaving a quest cutscene to be surrounded by dancing and chanting pandamen, and learning some of the actually neat lore such as learning that many of the vampire enemies you've been facing actually used to be decent people until nearly the entire region was driven to madness by a demon-worshipping cult with only a handful retaining their sanity.

  33. so far, every time you said jiggly, I was already watching it on my second monitor taking a minute from my math HW, you haven't gotten me yet, keep trying, I know you will.

  34. had to like and sub, gues it was deserved to with or without jiggles. great vids

  35. Not even 30 seconds in & had to panic unplug my keyboard because I spit out coffee laughing onto it. I'm not kidding.

  36. Just another scummy Gamigo game. They take games made by better devs and milk them for money. Until they shut them down.

  37. I hated it because classes are gender locked. Same reason I couldn't play black desert, well that and both games were boring as hell.

  38. Jalka means foot in finnish. And Elin is often times used as a name for the male genitalia in finnish. Awesome names this game has. xD

  39. How’s the pvp? Do you have to grind for months just to be relevant?

  40. Here after the tera incident in the clip channel

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