Trellnor Tera Online 60 Lancer PvP 1v1 Compilation -

Trellnor Tera Online 60 Lancer PvP 1v1 Compilation

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Trellnor Lancer Basilisk Crag
Verse all 60s
Nothing Special about glyphs…Actually I had Pve Glyphs for those asking. I also quit this game in may this video is 7months old…

Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire
Motorcycle- As the rush comes
Mr Little Jeans- Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)


  1. human isnt a class but yes he does look like a human

  2. its funny watching the kids crying in your chat telling they will avenge with their mains xD

  3. was great work and the audio was perfect !! 

  4. Lancer is second pvp class after warrior.. Dont think low of lancer just cuz its tank based class.. has good stuns, and good skills, so you might want to be really careful with lancers.

  5. The best battle between you and the warrior

  6. What game you play now? I'm mmo deficient and can't find one that sticks 🙁

  7. shitty lancer >_> not even using your knockdown LOL

  8. This is actually a bad skill demonstration. Despite the fact that you love killing low lvls, you had so much luck to fight Real fat noobs 60's.

  9. And I bet you're probably killing fresh lvl 60s… Like really dude, that's what poppin, that's what hot in the streets of Tera? Make a real video, in a real pvp situation not some open world, pvp, can't tell what the fuck it is, bullshit. (just my advice)   

  10. It's definitely different from now and back then but dood…this is kick ass and bouts near the Bastion of Lok portal looked hella-fun. 

  11. i really can't think how much infamy you've got 😀

  12. not much of a blocker aint u!!!. u take all damage with no problem cuz u have better gear

  13. This video is back 2 years ago when you need to pay the monthly fees not the same shitty free games to day back then it was its not all about the gear it's about the skill… You did good dude let the haters hate because they don't know shit back then..

  14. sick tastes in music, goes well with the video

  15. танк под станом стоит, а 2е ребят стоят щёлкают..  раков раскидывать – не показатель

  16. I'am look you kill level low, you noob :v hsuehsuehsuehsuhesh Br br 

  17. Ну и чего он позорит этот замечательный класс?

  18. COMO SE LLAMA LA CANCIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. He fights lvl 60 players, who cares about the low lvl noobs who are in the area and get killed? I don´t see why so many dislikes. This video is 4 years old and it looks pretty well. It´s a good PvP Compilation.

  20. this montage is how i found out about eyes on fire XD coming back to this for the first time in like 6 years cause i was trying to find that song again

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