The Exiled Realm - Tera Online Song (Rap) -

The Exiled Realm – Tera Online Song (Rap)

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I’m in love with Tera, and it’s trailers – so I figured I’d combine the two! Hopefully you all like it. I haven’t seen any other songs about Tera yet, and figured it was time for one. Enjoy!



  1. The beta was so amazing. I have been waiting for years. I am so excited!

  2. @TheLifePerfect I highly doubt that.

  3. Why dont you use your rapping skills to make songs about things other than video games?

  4. you guys in the NA server, cause they blocked Asia, damn it, wanted to play with you guys x_x

  5. Great work, is really impresive the amount of game info you managed to put in there. I'm not really into rap, but your lyrics has always been awesome, keep up the good work, cheers.

  6. Great Work. Awesome Rap, Beauty Game. it may be exiting.

  7. Pro's of Con's of this game please i love the graphics of it but… is it worth the money??? 🙂

  8. @kristinhanna93 definitely worth your money 😛

  9. @niks112 I'll defiantly have to check it out then 🙂 thank you and…. I LOVE YOU CODY & COLLECTIVE 😀

  10. I remember when MMO songs were actually well crafted like the old Midas songs for UO.

  11. @TheFurryTaco
    Well wow is dieing WOTLK was the beginning and Cata was the final nail in the coffin and i highly doubt that MOP will change anything

  12. Considering I absolutely hate rap, this was very well done!


  13. @DeathTheKiddd I was told! That is really amazing haha. =)

  14. awesome vid, awesome game, and i played vindictus as well, still play it, it helped me get of from my rom addiction XD(rom=something like wow)

  15. @Thefunkyferret1 wtf is there to compare? gw2 combat system will be like the been there done that combat systems, point and click.

  16. The political system in this game is actually one of the biggest reasons I have bought this game:) Never seen a game in this genre which also has a political system which can effect the everyday of each player:) Looking forward to the full release! Good rap btw, found this via Tera europe homepage:))

  17. @Waersted What? Tera Europe home page? Really?!

  18. @PlayerPOV yes i think your rap made it into the Tera Times 😀

  19. to be honest wow is the game that has the most skills ever 🙂 but i love Tera Too but im saying the truth :))

  20. @Gmansters Well I really appreciate that you like this song a lot! And I'm sure as the game gets released I'll tell everyone what server we'll be playing on!

  21. one of the best songs you have made and realy good rapping

  22. ''cant find a game that is better'' challenge accepted!

  23. Why would you play Tera and support those thieves.

  24. Tera is a epic game.Its much better then wow and lol it has better graphics and so…

  25. Guys i love ur music you gotta keep making more tera and lol content loving it guys! haha 🙂

  26. I love the song apart from the LoL part in the beginning. Tera is great, but I honestly Prefer LoL.

  27. He's talking about the lawsuit against BH studios, because their dev's quit from NCsoft and left with ' copious amounts of confidential and proprietary NCsoft information'. So no he's not trolling, he just knows wtf is going on, unlike you..

  28. And it's going F2P…it's not better. You juts rode the hype train to hell and back. Congrats!

  29. I stopped the game after we had all hardmodes down…

    It was kinda boring after that, but your song is still awesome!

  30. Tera was good before F2P … Now it's dead. No challenge at all.

  31. Tera is probably best MMORPG out there that's free, the customizing of the characters and such.. rare costumes etc, though it's all behind €$£, but the normal suits ain't that bad either though.

    And if someone starts to play it, there's a thing you'll never forget – the Elins.

    Dat master race.

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