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Tera: The Girls of Tera Online MMO – Enigma Sadness

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Tera: The Girls of Tera Online – Enigma Sadness
Well ok these guys are really pushing the limits.
So I’ll push them a little more lol.
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After making my first Tera vid I found another one featuring the two girls. I had to use some of the same material to create a 4 minute vid but I tried to change the zoom and effects on the shots to make them a bit different.
If you want to know more about the game please visit their website.
I hope you like it!
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  1. Didn't they have little girlie characters in this game too?

    Not that I was looking for a video of them though… you know.

  2. OMG r u serious??? U played WoW that long?? I lasted about 1 hour! WoW is old, gtfo!

  3. LOL @ 1 year…reread my post, 1 HOUR!! and I meant gtfo of WoW. Unless you like the 1980s atari graphics

  4. I just saw ur reply…lol!@ kid and im quite sure im old enough to be ur father (closing in on 50 years old)

  5. I create animations and know graphics quality should be better for certain games.

  6. name of last trailer?? where castanic warrior fights

  7. Virgins from all around the world gathered to play this game.

  8. Though I never played this game, I wonder just how much freedom you can really get with the camera while playing. Or if the camera automatically does this? o.O;

  9. At least you don't need nude mod for this game lol.

  10. Да уж игра 18+)

  11. obviously not the same "freedom" as in other mmos since you're aiming with a crosshair in this game – first person shooter style

  12. Every one of them will be played by men.

  13. kinda cheesy,but the music fit well with the video.

  14. Nice to see a bit of common sense for a change.. Quite frankly this whole "games objectify women" debate is starting to bore me shitless!
    It wouldn't be so bad except, like you said, it's all so one-sided; you never hear anyone pissing & whinging about all the uber-buff, impossibly handsome male characters in games now do you..?

  15. And the amani ladies are crying flaming tears in a corner…

  16. Sigh.. Look Miss, (I'm gonna go out on a limb here & guess it's Miss) let me tell you something; I come from a dreary little scottish town called Glenrothes (or Tumbleweedville as I like to call it..) & lemme tell you, pickings up here are.. Slim, to say the least.. Basically, unless you have some weird fetish for fat, unattractive "ladettes" you're pretty much outta luck.
    So yes, I like to ogle sexy ladies in video games; so what? It's not hurting anyone else so what, exactly, is the problem..?

  17. Fap lvl is now over 9000!Good job devs of Tera…Chuck,pedobear and otakus all over the world approve!

  18. Interesting random note, the Elin are genderless, as such, disqualify as Lolita

  19. i have a feeling a good majority of them arent girls…

  20. My my.. Truly, how does one respond to such a deluge of.. Ignorance? First off, I note that you didn't bother to answer my question.. Second, are you even aware of how much of a hypocrite you sound like? In one sentence you talk about "video game sluts"; yet in another you make reference to (what I can only assume is) porn sites.. How, exactly, Mr "Holier-than-thou",are women who parade themselves online for money any less sluttish than these video game avatars you're apparently so hung up on..?

  21. plz tell me the name of song you used to in clip.

  22. I love that video. Those girls, motion, music… Love. Aboslutely.

  23. this song is way too exotic to have the word ''sadness'' in it

  24. Good grief.. THREE weeks, & that's the best you can come back with..?
    Sigh.. Look mate, I've done my best to be reasonable, but this whole debate, much like the other one, is starting to bore the arse off me! So, liking female characters in games makes me pathetic? It makes me "sad" that I prefer beauty to ugliness..? Well, if that's the case, so f*****g be it!!
    (There's only one thing worse than a troll, & that's a troll who thinks he's got the moral high ground…)

  25. i'm pretty much sure that if they can kill me, so do am i. or just resurrect in nearby city.

  26. i am sorry… but you really can't take this game seriously when they look like dressed up doll whores, revealing almost nothing.

  27. *revealing almost everything* also, their armor doesn't even protect the important parts. I know, sex appeal sells, but come on, can't take it seriously.

  28. Well it's 'Sade-ness' actually. A reference to Marquis de Sade.

  29. The overrated world of Tera. You kill giant monsters while wearing little amount of armor as possible.

  30. Way better than the original trailers

  31. this video was weird for me because i can understand the lyrics of the song :I . that holyness

  32. замечательное видео))))))

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