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Tera : The Girls of Tera Online #2 Tera MMO Encore Request Video Thanks

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2nd AMV compilation from the Tera trailers to Music by Amy Lee and Evanescence. I didn’t expect so many peeps to like My Tera Vid and request more so here’s another in tribute to Tera’s release this year
Info about the game
TERA will be another monthly P2P MMO. Bluehole studio is a studio found in 2007 by Byung-Gyu Chang and former core members of NCsoft including the Lead game designer, producer, Lead game programmer and Lead Art Director of Lineage 2.
Considered a visually impressive mmorpg the game runs on the Unreal 3 engine which unlike the crysis engine provides the ability to handle multiple users with ease
TERA handles combat differently without the target locking and uses open aiming and blocking similar to the Age of Conan.
Tera is on the verge of closed beta in Korea but Bluehole has every intention of providing the game to western players in 2012
Developer comments:
TERA will appeal to end-users seeking continuous content support without the sacrifice of high quality graphics. Even after a week a month a year the game will pull the player deeper to the virtual world.
The goal is to achieve the world’s highest concurrent user load per server!
Players in TERA will not only experience battles with higher concurrent users, but also encounter a revolutionized interaction system for political and economic professions. TERA will offer a stable, non-disruptive in-game social life.”
There won’t be any zoning, players will be able to move through the world seamlessly.

most liked Evanescence Everybody’s Fool


  1. I wanted to say thank you so much for making this AMV about Tera (and the previous one using Enigma's song), I have and cherish both of them in my folder since 2012 so almost 10 years now, this one is especially very emotional for me ever since, with the "story" that unfolds and the epic music, and that Castanic girl with the red outfit that is so cool and charismatic. And now after rewatching them I still feel so powerfully about it. Back then after I got obsessed with this AMV and Tera, I not only spent 600 hours in the game but also created a new Castanic character looking EXACTLY like the one in this video, that is like the protagonist of the video (the one we can see at 1:27 for example), I even found the exact same outfit (with that very short zettai ryouiki/absolute territory). I named her "Gracidea" which is the name of a flower associated with gratitude. I named her that because of the gratitude I feel for the emotions that this AMV and Tera gave me. So, your work actually made a big difference in my life, and I mean it. Now after all these years I'm finally taking the time to go back into my old folders and rewatch all those important and meaningful videos. Then I looked it up and was so glad it was still up on YouTube. So… thank you so much for making these. Really awesome work and tributes <3 And know that they will forever be special for me and treasured <3

  2. I was considering getting this but I'm just over Asian MMO's, they always have a ton of grinding and I'm told this 1's no different.

  3. @angelmarine1292 Guess we gotta wait and see then.

  4. it looks good roc! its been a while since ive seen one of you video, but i see you still got it! are you playing tera? im just finishing up my video of the closed beta myself.

  5. The armors are so.. not protective xD
    Not a huge fan of Asian styled games. Guess I'll wait for GW2 a bit longer 🙂

  6. if this is going to be another zerg fest type MMO , i ll wait for GW2 as well, I just got over Aion

  7. @judicatoraven Hey Aven, Let me know when you get that beta vid done. I signed up but then got so busy I couldn't fit it in my schedule. Actually been sitting on this vid a while and figured I need to get it done and released

  8. @RocDisjoint I Actualy just finished it today! so when you get some free time stop by and have a look. Next beta let me know when you hop on and ill join ya. im gonna be rolling a bunch of different characters to try different classes and races to see which ones are my favorites. Im a bit dissapointed their giveing warriors a combo point system so i will probably drop the class come release.

  9. Thumps up if Omer from MMOHUT brought you here and subscribe to mmohut ^^

  10. Thank you so much for making this music video please make more.

  11. ахеренчик, но blade and soul круче

  12. My God! No words… Its very beautiful! Thank you very much for your videos! I very like it!

  13. I think Tera is the computer Heaven=))

  14. Sad thing about this game is that it has so much potential but the developers are so lazy that they ruin the game (buggy quests, bugs on skills and monsters hit you even when you dodge), the game is repetetive and the only good thing basically is the Graphics and visual effects sadly 🙁

  15. They had some warning on the video about copyright music and recommended using music from audio swap. So I swapped it WITH THE SAME SONG which was in audio swap . Way to go YT

  16. Funny tht most of the girls in tht vid r actually boys

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