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TERA Rising Launch Trailer

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TERA will go free to play on February 5th will you join in on the MMO Action?

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    Fitting for a awesome Game

  2. trailer it will be diferent with gameplay

    f2p not very good, i rather p2p more cause more balancing

  3. Then good luck to you. P2p MMOs are a dying breed (And with good reason). More and more MMOs are moving to F2P because it is actually a better way to make money.

  4. It's not going f2p because it sucks. It's going F2P because that is what the market is doing now. MANY MMOs are moving to f2p and other new MMOs are coming out as f2p already. Look at Neverwinter, for example.

  5. Possibly one of the best free-to-play models, i love the way how they sort it out

  6. cant help but LOL. I held on to this game for about a year waiting for it to go F2P after so many people said it never would, and now here we are.

  7. We all know you fuckers are gonna try this for the tits

  8. You say that like it's a bad thing. Tits are awesome.

  9. 25 gb is a lot of space even if you're packing a 1tb

  10. ihave 1.5 terabytes only 50gbs free no thanks tera

  11. It was for the last what… 3-4 years… But the stubborn bastard just wont die X_x

  12. Finally a game that understands what free-to-play means!

  13. WTF is on your computer 100 games and movies?

  14. The game's a lie, those little girls wear no clothes cause this game is for pedos.

  15. Todo para venga ala plantita jajajaja

  16. or be that you can be in the game ala SAO 😀

  17. is this still pay to win though, that is the question.

  18. 7hours is too much for you? lets see i download the game with 90/kbps witch will take a week at least.
    i'd take your 7hrs happily any day everyday XD

  19. He's complaining about a slow 8mb connection? Sheez 🙁

  20. Why do the launch trailers always have to be way cooler then the game actually is?

  21. Free To Play
    Pay To Win
    And lol! at all those fanboys who said : TERA IS BETTER THEN GW2 … sure … let's make Tera free since our game is failing

  22. Don't kill me for asking this, but how come MMO's are never made for consoles? They have internet connections with them (Xbox Live and Playstation Network)

  23. tera ain't failing…the MMO genre is failing….

  24. btw, how much you pay for 8 mbs in your country? I pay 60 bucks for 2 mbs

  25. it just works better with a mouse and keyboard.

  26. there's a larger mmo audience for pc.

    Although, mmo's are kind of starting to transition to consoles as well.

  27. you can run it on total low man.. if you can run wow you can run this…( on low )

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