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TERA – PS4 vs PS5 (Gameplay and Performance Comparison)

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With the PlayStation 5 now released, I wanted to take the chance to compare some gameplay and frames between a PlayStation 4 Pro and a PlayStation 5, to see how drastic the differences were – without any PS5 Update Patch (Optimization Patch / Graphics). It’s probably my most ambitious video to date, and I’m excited about it! Let’s get right into it!

Time Stamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Disclaimer
00:52 – PS5 Quick Tease
01:07 – Let’s Get Right Into It!
01:14 – What To Expect
02:24 – Loading Times Comparison
04:39 – Loading Times Breakdown
04:54 – Velika and Highwatch Comparison (PS4 Pro)
07:09 – Velika and Highwatch Comparison (PS5)
08:43 – Highwatch Models and Name Loading Comparison
09:13 – Final Notes on Loading
09:55 – Fraywind Canyon on the PS5
11:08 – Guild Rally on the PS5
13:05 – PS4 and PS5 Comparison So Far with Lag
13:20 – Ruinous Manor Hard Mode on the PS5
15:10 – Recap for Comparison and Extra Notes
16:29 – Outro

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Music by: Arc North


  1. This video did not age well. Still no PS5 upgrade to Tera. R.I.P

  2. This game looks like Perfect World. Does anyone play it and can confirm that? I loved Perfect World, I think I played for over 5years lol

  3. Upload everytbing you have that shows what ps5 does. The more press the better

  4. Got yourself a new sub, Loving your content! Big thanks for this!

  5. I definitely gotta cop me a ps5 soon like really quick I can’t wait 😆

  6. this is fucking sexy, imagine what it'll be like after the patch 🙂

  7. I finally made it into a saru video, life is good!

  8. More hyped on getting ps5 when I can in my stores. Thanks for the video Also idk if my comment was seen on last video
    Was wondering if they was going to bring back fashion coupons farming or a way to get them besides just doing lvl a certain class up.

  9. I would nab a ps5 rn if I could just to play tera without lag qmq

  10. Wow what a neat video. All the editing probably took some time. Thank you for making this!

  11. Bro pvp in Ps is dead.
    This is the reason i left the game

  12. this video made me want to play tera again XD

  13. I might actually start playing again if the improvement is this good 🙂👍 Ty for the vid

  14. Thx for big info I hope that we get better graphics and lvl 70 update thx again I can't wait to play tera on ps5 I get one tommorow

  15. Jesus christ, I haven't tried the game out on my PS5 yet, but with a jump from the PS4 Pro to the PS5 being this drastic, I can only imagine how different it'd be from someone whose only played on a base PS4.

  16. 7:13 Wow the difference is as night and day. silky smooth 60fps+ there

  17. If TERA can finally play this good on 400-500$ hardware, says a lot about how powerful these consoles are. The future of gaming is looking good… Apart from the degenerate pieces of junk scalpers that charge 1400$+ on a console, at that price I can build a PC with a GTX 3070 or a GTX 2070/2080ti

  18. Awesome the loading time is cut by half i want a ps5 now lols. I was also wondering if do a game called black desert online side by side with the ps4 pro and the ps5 i just want to see if there's a difference game play.

  19. Holy shit I know it's dropping down to 30 frames but Jesus Christ looks so much better than the PS4 pro, i ctually want to play terra now and good job to Sony with this system because running terra much better is feat for the consoles.

  20. There is one really important thing that you did not mention. THE NOISE!

    I play on a normal ps4 and the noise is unbearable, how does the PS5 behave?

  21. Can I use the same acc steam Tera online to PS5 ?

  22. they lied to us, i still see loading screens on ps5

  23. Ouaou big different but please Sony need the console

  24. How can i get more than 60fps? I have a xbox series x

  25. Hey Saru, you are sure a ps5 update for tera comes?..

  26. Played Tera on pc a while back, had an archer, now I got the ps5 and I'm going to try it, I know one dude asked about the ps5 update 4 weeks ago, anything change in the meantime or no news yet? Love your vids btw 😎

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