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TERA ONLINE’s Final Minutes

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Here we are at a historic moment! It does not happen often that a game shuts down to the point where you can no longer play it. For MMORPG’s this is often a reality eventually. For Tera this became a reality on June 30th 2022. I remember getting Tera Online back when it released in 2011 and have enjoyed the combat and visual spectacle. Even for today’s standards Tera’s combat mechanics felt really awesome and on point.
I decided to record the final 15 minutes or so before the servers shut down as hundreds of players gathered in Velika for one final goodbye. Now having this many players near each other and all the fireworks made it to where my fps tanked, so just to assure you that I am not running this on a potatoe I decided to also showcase 1 minute of how the game ran about 50 minutes before shutdown when there were less people.
You can definitely see that despite the populace declining over the years, that these players had a lot of love for Tera and we will talk about this mmo for many more years to come. Thank you, Tera, for inviting us to explore your wonderful world! Rest in Peace.

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  1. Bro I was literally downloading it and then I saw your video 😂😂

  2. Pacat ca un joc atat de minunat sa evaporat.
    As vrea sa mai joc tera dar din pacate.. acele vremuri au cam disparut.

  3. The game is still running on console for those wondering. Hasn't shut down completely

  4. Spent so long on this game, stopped playing about a year ago. I wasn't able to be around for the final moments.. but thank you for posting. Got a bit teary watching this, so many memories 😭

  5. Damn I wasn't even there because I had other more important things going on just found out today, RIP tera I will always remember you fondly as one of if not my favorite game

  6. IM So sad i never got to finish becoming a part of this community

  7. I enjoyed this game for 6 years. It was my first MMO. Unfortunately, happiness was always accompanied by sadness (and bullying). The TERA EU community, was one of the worst I've ever met. Only surpassed by WOW, LoL and Genshin. Goodbye TERA.

  8. WTF I tried elyon the game blocked in my country I tried black desert sames goes to it than I tried to play this game now is going to shut down😡😡

  9. Well, at least now I know why I can't log in. Belated RIP, Tera. 😥

  10. I really thought Akihiko Kayaba will apear and tell everybody that they can't log off anymore…

  11. Sad. It was the best RPG for me. Loved this video. Goodbye, Tera.

  12. Imagine spending 20-30k dollars and then this happens hahahahaha

  13. Shout out to the neverdoge guild, i was Hanoirocks we played like a decade. Sad to see it go… Was a great game and i will keep my many memories

  14. I was playing Sorc at least (Lucari) and i also played the game when it starts f2p with friends. At this time the leveling was fun and it was nice to do all that story and quest stuff. I played with GamePad on PC. Later i played a bit pvp just for fune corsair and so on. Spend much hours over the years. But i switched to PS4 when the console release was.

    This game has imo the best combat system. But the upgrade system (imo too luck based) was terrible. The potential was very high but there was no (fun) content that was good playable for all players. More pvp and pve group events and more usefull items to win… stuff like that. But it was the same content over and over. 🙁

  15. i have never play this game but an end to a game is very sad

  16. This is sad honestly….wow, is the company making a new mmo at least? 😢

  17. I will miss this Game, i got an on/off relationship with this game bud sad i never could play it again…. it wars one of the best mmos ive ever played!

  18. Goodbye old friend. you were truly magnicifient in your prime wont be forgotten.

  19. Even though I never knew this existed, as an old wow and old runescaper, i am sad to see another rpg people enjoyed be gone forever.

  20. They should and can always make a single player with ai party sequal. Idk why they give up? Copy ff7 remake, star ocean 5 etc.

  21. I never played this game, is there Still à way to play ?

  22. Wanted to get back into the game the other day just to find out it he closed down :((( It was a fun game in the start when i played the most. Will always miss the experience of playing this game. Maybe ill try to find a good private server

  23. Wow really never thought this would happen! It’s was a wonderful game!

  24. I found out in such a weird way, I finally go a new pc that can run Tera smoothly, only to open the game and find out it doesn't exist anymore, rip, best action mmorpg out there

  25. Strašně moc mě mrzí že to končí. Poděkování patří vám všem kteří jste to hráli, nikoliv vývojářům, ty si podle mého poděkování nezaslouží, protože hru nechali umřít. Říkám to z toho důvodu protože hru znám od jejího vzniku a viděl jsem její nejlepší léta i ty nejhorší. Hru jsem hrál nejdříve na PC a poté na PS4. Nejdříve za Lancera a od roku 2015 za Gunnera. Na PS4 zatím hraji do dnes. Ale bohužel ani na PS4 to nebude mít dlouhé trvání a hra odejde úplně. Strašně mě to štve. Tolik moc jsem se těšil na level 70 a patch Exodor. Bohužel nic z toho nebude 😭 Neměli to nechat odejít. Je to pouze jejich problém že hru neuměli lépe udržet. Že prý nemají co nabídnout. LOL. Na hru budu zapomínat vždycky v jen tom dobrém. Moc mě bavila. O vývojářích už to samé říct nemohou. Na vás rozhodně v dobrém vzpomínat nebudu. Engine za to rozhodně palec nahoru a taky za tu úžasnou atmosféru a hratelnost i za ty Dungy, PVP, eventy, Nexus a další ty bombičky co tam bily, ale miliarda palců dolů za to že jste na to po roce 2019 totálně srali. Proč? To nechápu a teď už je to stejně jedno. Po této hře už určitě žádné mmo hrát nebudu.Max Diablo 4.
    Byla to pekelná jízda!

  26. The silence at the end is heartbreaking …

  27. MENMAS TERA!!!

    Anyways i will miss the original game!

  28. Omg no!!! How!? People put money millions how they gonna refund everyone.

  29. I only played Tera for about a month years ago but I'll always remember my character and the joy he brough the world.

    "I'm the Trap you wanna spring~"
    -Trap-Kun 2017-22

  30. This makes me never want to play an MMORPG again. I'm so sorry for everyone who cried endlessly that day..

  31. I still remember farming hours and hours on the BAM island for fashion coupons because i don't want to spend a single penny on this game

  32. This moment made me so sad, i have played TERA for so many years. Wanted to come back to take a look at it. just to find out they closed down. What a sad thing. 🙁

  33. If you look at the chat bubble to the right side at the end you can see that it was indeed Dio who was the culprit behind this all along.

  34. I was there all night. Cried like a baby when it shut… 😭 I spent my whole childhood playing the game

    Also – i can see myself in the video, far in the outer circle with my friend, for one. Last. Time. Together.

  35. So make it open-source and let others make their own server. Why throw it away? XD It really doesn't look like trash to me.. Or they could just find someone else who's willing to take over the server, so the players can keep their account >.<

  36. TY for posting this, have not touched my Game Forge Launcher since the shut down. Not intentionally really, just haven't. So bittersweet to see those last moments in Velika.

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