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Tera Online / Yey Champion Laurel o,o

Alex Mc
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Don’t get the wrong idea,Eiko gets pretty laurel because she is pretty elin o,o

Votes disabled for this video because I can see from 100 miles away angry nerds o,.,o
As for the comments try to say something useful or think twice before saying unnecessary stuff.

A few words for those who doesn’t know Tera or who doesn’t know what Laurels are:
Laurels are basically emblems awarded to players who have collected enoug achievement points by doing certain activiies in game(like killing a boss 50 times or clearing a dungeon 10 times or all sort of weird stuff),they really don’t do anything aside from showing other players your “dedication” to the game.Champion laurel is the highest laurel existing.

Oh,one last note,in this patch getting Champion Laurel is way easier than the previous one,seen many players getting it shortly after the new patch was introduced,so as usual,I’m not claiming anything here,just the fact that for a short period pretty Eiko will have pretty(but useless)Laurel,which will probably lose next patch anyway,don’t care,pretty Eiko don’t need laurels.

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^Better read before commenting videos/stuff.

Recorded On:09/06/2016
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  1. Wow the laurel is pretty. <3 Hmm to get a champion laurel do you have to do all of the achievements?I would probably be a decent player if only my dungeon quality was half as good as yours but maybe I just suck at predicting bosses movements.

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