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Tera Online – Winter Event “Christmas Event” [HD]

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Winter is getting close and the inhabitants of TERA are preparing the world for the cold days ahead. With Christmas right around the corner, we’ll bring you the special Winter Event in TERA this December.

The inhabitants in the world of TERA have been very busy in the last time. They started to decorate the towns and major cities with Christmas trees and a whole lot of other winter decorations.

Be sure to check out the different areas and enjoy the special environment during December. After all you want to thank the people who setup all these kind of decorations throughout the last days, right?

The Winter Event will take place from Friday, 7th of December 2012, at 12:00 CET until Thursday, 3rd of January 2013, at 12:00 CET.
During this timeframe, you’ll be able to enjoy the special decorations and hunt the Grumpy and Greedy Santas in the world of TERA, and grab some awesome presents.
Christmas time is of course also a time for giving gifts to the people you love. While we of course love all of you as well, we have run into a slight issue with the presents this year. It looks like the NPCs responsible for this year’s gifts are not really in the mood to just hand them over. In order to get your hands on the gifts, you’ll need to find the Grumpy and Greedy Santas, who will be clearly visible to you as you scour the different hunting zones in TERA. We’re pretty sure, if you give them a friendly slap, they’ll be more than willing to drop some gift boxes for you.

The following boxes are obtainable from the Greedy and Grumpy Santas. Greedy Santa will drop the Stolen Gift Box, which may contain several items, including unique Santa Candles, which have an increased timer for charms and act as a better version of a campfire. Besides that, you can also get your hands on various charms, firecrackers, potions, crystals and more. The Grumpy Santa will drop the Lost Gift Box. Besides the items mentioned above, this box may also contain Alkahest, Crystalbinds and other valuable items.

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  1. I give like but I don't know this event and is look like is old event but is nice !

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