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Tera Online – What Are Production Points? How-To Get More

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  1. personally i think this system sucks 🙁
    Why must there be a limit for farming mats or crafting??

  2. Really? There are so many people who think Crafting in games is pointless and just farm or buy the junk, mean to tell me people who actually spend their time on professions need to deal with this?
    Not to mention that its shared among the entire server and other characters you own?
    That is a load of horse shit

  3. this is complete bs its bs in archage and its bs in this game !! playing everquest 2 best part was resources gathering chance finding rares ect forget this bs

  4. What's the item called that sells in market to gain production????? U didn't specify.

  5. Production points on any F2P MMO = "we don't want you to finish the game and get rich that fast as you thought you would be"

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