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Tera Online Weapons and Armor Enchanting Guide

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This guide will show you how to enchant weapons and armor and what components are needed to do so. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Your volume was a bit low, but good video quality and explanation. Thanks.

  2. What is the max enchant you can get? plis reply

  3. Thanks alot, man~ I just joined TERA: Online yesterday and already I have 1,300Gold as a level 22 Elin Archer~ 😀 I got really lucky with the current event and got 13 Rubies which sells to the NPC merchants for 100Gold each. Anyways thanks for the tips. +1 Like~ 😀

  4. Appreciated dude. I'm new to Tera & MMO games, told myself I wouldn't get sucked in. But free epicness? Yes please =) I subbed, probably will need more help down the line, thanks =)

  5. Sadly not working for me :c, Trying to enchant a 27 yellow and no matter what I do nothing will enchant, whites wont even enchant… little help?

  6. the items need to be of similar level if I recall. so a 20 white wont work on a 27 yellow if that makes sense

  7. Need advice… should I buy a +8 lvl47 superior weapon on the broker for like 1315 gold or do I go for the unenchanted (cost about few hundred gold) one and enchant it myself?

  8. If u fail to enchant at some point can u try again on the same item or it wont work from that point on?

  9. how to get the enchanting table or that thing options

  10. thanks, man! until i watched this, i was confused as hell 😀 thanks a lot

  11. You can actually enchant to +12 , and I believe it works with tiers, not item level..

  12. great help man but could u also tell me where can i buy the weapons for the enchan

  13. Why the volume of the video is bit low? Can't hear your voice that much.

  14. At what level should I start enchanting weapons, armors, etc…??

  15. yeah this was back in the day prior to my new mic

  16. Can your Weapon break when you try to enchant? like can you lose the item?

  17. so i as watching this video, the video sound was low so i went to 100% then back to the game *LOUD MUSIC*

  18. Old video, still very relevant. Liked ur crisp clean to the point approach. Saved me a lot of time. Thumbs up!

  19. thx for this video !!!!!!! 😀 im going to try it right now =)

  20. Please make a video of + 6 and + 9 as well. I have no idea where to get those mats besides Alkahest only up until +3. 🙁

  21. Wuuuat?! I have 1 Weapon, Lancer Class, I wan't to upgrade it, but i can't put it on the upgrade slot!

  22. Will epic weapon drop when u killed the boss??

  23. Also what happens if you enchant a weapon with the weapon you just enchanted for that quest xD or another enchanted weapon?

  24. You do not have to use the same weapon to enchant, you only have to use a weapon that is the same tier. So you can use a tier 10 axe to enchant a tier 10 staff and so on…Only the tier matters not the weapon for enchanting

  25. No guide, ever said that you can't enchant while sitting on the horse!~!!!!

  26. Found it extremely helpful, thanks heaps mate! 🙂

  27. so you can fail at early level =_= may i ask how high you can go until when the item fail to enhance the lvl drop? or will it always remain the same level? O.O and also i was wondering whether or not the item can break…

  28. "where do i go enchant my weapons?" "stormwind" haha

  29. If you enchant too much will you weapon breake like the other games??

  30. Meh, The Avatar weapon is the truth i aint lose money to enchant weapon, i enchant boots and armor only 😉

  31. Am i late for this game? Im gonna download it on steam

  32. I just dismantled my avatar weapon, is there ANYTHING I can do to get it back?

  33. Hi , I have a berserker with an elin , Can i switch my weapon into a reaper in the game if i am higher then lvl 40 ? :/

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