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Tera Online – Warrior Solo PvP – 1 VS 4

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This a PvP video of my warrior, fighting two, then three, then a grand total of four people in Tera. I am out leveling them slightly, and am using Healing Elixir II throughout the entire fight. I’m fairly sure most of them were rather new to PvP, but it was still a really fun and challenging fight!

Level 29 Warrior vs (in order of appearance)

Level 27 Lancer and 27 Mystic
Level 26 Slayer
Level 26 Warrior

I’m Sunbiter on the Basilisk Crag server. Feel free to add, block, grief or duel me. You could also just say hi too! I hope you enjoyed the video.

The music is FFX – Battle Theme


  1. Los demás también deben haber usado pociones , además eran 4 contra 1 y te estás quejando nenaza? ^^ Hazlo con un nivel 29 y hablamos

  2. 1 sorc y ese warrior come suelo en 2 ataques

  3. i can fight with 10 nobs at the same time too -_-

  4. Or they could've been shit, or my friend good.
    Y'know, they're also a possibility too.
    But level makes no difference, gear makes more of a difference.
    Wanna try? As a 60 use 50 gear, and try beat other 60's lol.

  5. Why does this game seem so similar to Scarlet Blade?

  6. Back when you mana dodge… Miss those days. Can't really do this now

  7. I don't get it, I get smacked by a lancer once with my warrior and I loose like 25% health o.o

  8. yeah,warrior is the best…..see 1 vs 5 i think…good job man!! 😀
    hi guys im ebonothis in tera and my name is naqib
    im 11 years old ^^i have 4 lvl 60 warrior,socerer,slayer and lancer
    that's my lvl 60 class ^^ k bye guys i hope u enjoy this video
    mwahahahahahah i want to kill them im pro!!

  9. if you don't believe it's possible to win against higher lvls you're welcome to go watch my duel vids on my channel as proof… just saying

  10. Was gonna be a thumbs up but u didn't finish the job. Pretty good though

  11. quite poor vid in my eyes, War didn't impresed me to much but main thing is that those 4 were probably biggest pvp noobs on that server. 
    Rly how could low lvl war kill someone in 4man party, where is healer?
    Those 4 were probably trying PvP 1st time in their life and didn't even try to work as team.
    People like that shouldn't be on PvP server, cause thx to then, ever noob thinks he is so great pvp skill.

  12. that was a good fight gj <3 


  13. noob pvp… lol.. 😐 i could kil him only with priest.

  14. this game's pvp is boring there is no style..

  15. aman warrior not a good idea, and lol those noobs

  16. noob opponents ahaha i can kill him with my berserker

  17. i like the idea of this game its just the combat is so slow

  18. Kurfluffles カーフラッフルさん says:

    now im new to the pvp aspect of Tera, just joined Mt Tyrannas and all, and i think this was pretty cool. only level 22 but i cant even take out 2 guys in a fight :/ also got some pointers from this video so its a like from me 😀 (i know this vid is old but still everything counts)

  19. its rather 1 vs 2 cause that mage class hits one out of 20 of his spells 

  20. нашёл нубов в белых шмотках при фул заточки жёлтой , и радуется ,ппц ..

  21. нуб криварукий как и его лоу лвл враги

  22. 1. Bad mechanical knowledge
    2. top down playing is super bad, you're missing all your combos because of it.
    3. You're missing your combos and not using crucial skills.
    4. The music is mega annoying

  23. I'm kind of new to TERA but i noticed that he is using Mana instead of Resolve to dodge the incoming attacks, did Lancer used mana for Blocking too? or is it just the warrior and then they got resolve too. Anyway, i loved the video and the FFX Theme.

  24. I cant stop laughing because of the music

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