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Tera Online vs World of Warcraft

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Before anyone gets all uppity, this was meant to be a joke video. I’m aware of the bias in it. Don’t get mad bro’s! or sis’s. and yeah my girl voice is pretty bad~


  1. Tera is so much better raids is more intense and harder so it's better also pvp is awesome 😀 battle ground is the best man

  2. yea yea tera is super nice because lvling is slow man and it takes 1 min to slay a mob and then u w8 around to heal for 3 mins and its supernice cause im a HARDCORE player i can dodge all the time and thats awsome because its realistic man and hard cause im not a noob i want HARDCORE GAMING and the grapichs are so cool man the BOOBS on that anime are soo realistic not like cartoonish wow boobs and u actually have to try in pvp not like wow where u spam buttons WELL FUCK YOU WOW IS WAY BETTER IN SO MANY WAYS .I..(-_-)..I. POOP WOW STILL THE KING OF MMOS POOP
    PS: This is directed to the kids at the coments not the editor.it was actually pretty well made and funny:D

  3. I rather play WoW over Tera anyday still. Reason why ppl like Tera more cause of the Female Characters and the game is f2p. I been playing Tera for almost a month now and i see more female characters then male in this game guess the players in this game are really that horney about the female characters lol but they're both still good games

  4. There's an issue of people focusing too much on the equipment and lvling, I believe the best thing of wow is the lore and the best (or only) thing of tera is the combat system. That might be the reason I don't like tera, the story and the voice acting……. -.-

  5. i cant with these WoW fanboys… talking about TERA doesnt keep you occupied, i can play tera 10 hours straight and when i play WoW i get bored knowing i have to pay later to get passed level 20 so i just switch to TERA and stop wasting my time on WoW, tera better graphics, skills, mounts, pets, leveling, pvp, pve, bosses, raids, BATTLEGROUNG PVP and so on, many different classes and races to choose from too

  6. Judging from what ive seen of WoW (few videos, and a bit of play) Tera is much more engaging than WoW. I mean, THOSE GRAPHICS ARE AWFUL, that PvP looks really (pardon my french) half assed, the models look like they were made for a high school project, and the raids look like they'll put you to sleep.

    The dungeons in tera actually require you to know the bosses moves, dodge perfectly as a DPS/Healer, or block as a tank. The actual requirement of PvP knowledge, and how to be skilled at the job you are given by your choice of a class (coming from a 65 Mystic) makes it much more challenging, and satisfying when you finally beat that annoying PKer, or finish the Corsairs Stronghold (20v20 storm the castle type raid) match, or the Alliance/Guild battle.

    The mounts actually range in speed, the pets actually do something, and you can do quite a few dungeons. Tera 10/10, and WoW 5/10, but nice try kid. and blizzard, you disappoint me.

  7. TERA has hotter female characters and better graphics

  8. just so u know wow changed ALOT over the past 4 years….

  9. tera need a good pc world of warcraft no, im really like WoW than Tera Online, respect me opinion

  10. So much ignorance in the comments -_- For all of you saying WoW is to you easy now days, I'd like to see you even attempt Mythic raiding. It is harder than it's ever been before, and is 5x harder than anything TERA has to offer. As for the combat, sure Tera's is more 'action' oriented than WoWs, but that doesn't mean you can do WoW combat with your eyes closed. Not in raids, and certainly not in PvP.

    I'm not trying to bash TERA here but oh my, there is so much ignorance in these comments.

  11. "in tera gear isnt a big factor" lmao, someone with full tensus +12 will 2 shot you with, you can hit them all day with your starting gear good luck

  12. I'm like at the beginning Tera is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I dislike cuz wat he said about leveling…….. Any way it's his opinion I'm very offended but Tera is really better like better graphics any an better bosses

  13. but there are 40-person pvp battlegrounds and 20-person raids in tera endgame

  14. lol man. so true. you just described why i switched to tera from wow

  15. the fact that you have Invincible!?!?!!?!?!?!? hahahaha. but I love Tera way more than WoW

  16. I got bored of killing the shit out of SWTOR so someone gave me a 60 day sub to WoW. It's pretty fun and there is lots to do but I am only lvl 32 so I'm sure I can have lots of fun for some time. Once my sub is up I'll try Tera.

  17. Ummmm. What the hell Did i just watch .11/10 GIRL VOICE

  18. … So much salt here… Look, I prefer WoW Over Tera. I play Tera until lvl 20-25 and I liked it, but it just isnt my thing. The combat is more fun, I must confess. But still, I love WoW's lore, looks, items. I dont really like Korean char models… I am not saying anything against Tera, everyone has his/her own opinions and preference. This video was made by Tera player (NO SHIT SHERLOCK) but imagine if it was made by WoW player. It is accurate but WoW fan would make it so that WoW looks better

  19. WoW is old you people need to admit it.New games will come out that will be better than it.

  20. 2012 video…wow is still better than terra terra is sooo boring with the new expansion legion wow is sooooo goood

  21. I love TERA! It takes real strategy to fight someone due to the action combat system, therefore making combat fun. The questing is very interesting with good story lines. Plus they have recently added flying and DRAGONS!!!

  22. Aaaaand Tera is fucking dead

  23. Wow pros:
    Lore, Content, Abundance of players

    Tera pros:
    Skill-oriented, free to play, diverse

    Spent alot of time with both, i prefer TERA overall

  24. lool i shit my self when people compare other games to wow wtf idiot max lvl you hare bored you can get to max lvl fast because blizz whant to players play always the new game contend but if you try to make all conted from other expansions ….. you will waste a lot of time. Word Of Warcraft is the game this tera or all the 100000 games that try to kill wow will never get there play wow forget the rest, and guys 3 years have past and you take the lead?????? LEGION IDIOTS

  25. Wow used to be good but then they kept making it easier and easier to play as they went on after Wotlk it was a complete joke :/ that said i have never played terra so this was a little cring to watch

  26. lmao what a load of shit i can level up to 25 quicker than i can in wow dfuq u on about

  27. Jesus fuck stop it with the gay ass voices i couldnt even watch the video because of that

  28. going in BG with Fury spec??? Seriously? Arms is best for PvP Bro!

  29. In 20 hours level 85? Is that a joke?
    I took 2 weeks

  30. OPTIMIZATION DUDE!!!! gtx 1080ti tera 20-30 fps in action)

  31. for me WoW would be the best game ever if only they turned the game f2p , and WoW classic is a shame too, Tera has amazing content and the gameplay is just amazing, the only thing that WoW is good at is the graphism that has a charm it reminds us of our good old days playing during the night with friends thats all

  32. who the fuck is showering in the background

  33. Got to say if you want to play a mmorpg with better graphic quality play tera. If you want to play a mmorpg with better storyline play WoW although by me wow was good only till Legion, now its all messed up. And also i would like to point out that leveling up on wow isnt so easy as he mentioned in the video he is probobly leveling on atleast x5 exp. but if you play on x1 exp it takes longer I mean it took me about a month to reach lvl 80…

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