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TERA Online – Valkyrie from Lvl 1 to 65 // Short Version HD

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Hey everyone, this video is a short version of me leveling from 1 to 65.

I will upload Full video in 2-3 after this one is posted.

Once more, i would like to thank my friends who helped me level up :

Laakria , Xvost , Shadows and Goddess. Abraxas

It took me 11h to 12h from Level 1 to 65 so you can expect 11 or 12 Videos from which every video will be 1 hour.

There was a bug in system, so they will award Titles manually after event is over.

Battle Maiden (level 30)
Grim Amazon (level 58)
Dark Raven (level 60)
Fate Weaver (level 65)

It was really fun getting from 1 to 65 in 12 hours, however it was tiring 🙁

Wanna download and check out Tera? ( EU Version )

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  2. from 1-6 what level is your graphics on? btw how long have you been playing tera, you make me want to play this game

  3. Hey dude,I subscribed and liked and I would like you to help me level up to 65 in my Valkyrie I'm level 31 recently and I started the game 3 days ago 😉

  4. What is the avarage amount of time it takes to lvl from 1-65?, thinking about giving this game a try

  5. hehe we got similar taste in appearence 😉

  6. Lakistrajk add me anonye brawler im so lonley 😁

  7. just do baby fighting no dungeons the game to dead anymore

  8. just sit in 1 spot your friends will kill for you while you sleep lol

  9. i can get 65 in 1 day with all baby fights its cake now just find a good mommy pro boss

  10. lvling is not really difficult… Upping tiers in your gears after lvl 65 is Hell… Specially when you reach ilvl 439 lmao, with Lachelitas/ RK9/ Lilitas HM/ Research Center HM.

    This is where the real shit comes in

  11. im dissapointed u chose the wrong hair 🙁 like if u agree XD

  12. Hola una cosa como hiciste para que al principio te den monturas y pet???

  13. So basically I just need to pay someone to carry me while I massage their back?

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