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Tera Online [US]: Guide to 250k+ points for Sirjuka Gallery! (Rank 1)

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This vision tutorial is for people who want to know how to accumulate 250,000+ points for the Gallery to have a chance to obtain the chain of deceit necklace which has 6% attack speed along with the other massive rewards you get for completely this run with a rank 1 score.



  1. Good video, I do miss playing this game but sadly my computer didn't run it very well. Need to upgrade badly. Love all your vids Avalaiden, keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. Wow, now i have to get back online! I've extended my subscription for 3 months. I must finally be Lv60!
    Cool video

  3. i see u have different fonts :O Nice video anyways 🙂

  4. Do all classes have natural extremely high mana regen rate?

  5. Tera goes free to play in feb 😀 so no need to worry about subscription 😀 😀

  6. I know and I've got my second Lv60 in a few days 😀 But well….I think I'll join the Tera Club

  7. Ohh 2 lvl 60? i have 6 lvl 60 but just 3 of them are abbys geard:D

  8. Dude i work 47hrs a week and my gf need some attention too^^

  9. You forgot tank's Guardian Shout and keep it up to the end give you 1000 pt.

  10. how did you change your ui to look like that?

  11. what happen with warrior ? he always put HP lower than 30% ???

  12. they get bonus points if his health is critical

  13. Lol someone watches Kamen Rider Decade or just likes Gackt

  14. since warrior has a skill that takes a percentage of his/her HP away while using the skill he is the easiest to heal at critical for extra points

  15. Auto attack is just your default left mouse button (just the normal non-skill attack)

  16. can anyone explain wt happened at to the points at 4:42? it suddenly +2k o.O

  17. What's the rank needed to get the helm?ghost knight helm somethnig like that?

  18. Heal a low member Hp and crit give a lot of Points!

  19. That is from an excess of sunlight.
    The human body actually needs sunlight or you immune system goes to shit. I don't get enough since I work night shifts so I take vitamin D supplements.

  20. Nope. The human body needs vitamin D, not sunlight. Sunlight exposure is one way of getting it, but definitely not your only option.

    Night is the only time of the day when I my brain is awake.

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