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TERA Online Trailer (HD)

That one dude
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Some recent TERA Online trailer (Prologue) with the song “Breakdown” by Seether;
It’s cool how the music fits the video and the trailer is really awesome, can’t wait to play this game.


Found in mmosite.com.



  1. I know! I was kinda amazed by how it fits almost perfectly, the beat and some parts of the lyrics. :]

  2. news . mmosite . com/content/2009-08-18/20090818020447190,1 . shtml
    Delete the spaces.

  3. Will this also be a F2P or a P2P? cause it looks pretty sweet.

  4. It seems that this one will be P2P, but there's still a chance for F2P.

  5. the best game ever!!!
    the new generation of mmorpg games

  6. Gotta thank the mages for that breast enlargement spell!

  7. So this is the old team that worked at NCSoft – Lineage 2??…they did great 😀 I really trust this guys… they made L2 C1 to Interlude awesome…

  8. @mrnesss Check the FAQ on the official tera site !

  9. So… Tera, Blade and Soul or Guild Wars 2? Decisions, decisions, decisions… …

  10. No way in hell a game that took so much effort and put so much hard work like this will be free to play , its gonna be pay to play for sure. so they make a lot of cash and make more updates more big things.

  11. @bunchups lol people like you are like slinkies, when you push them down the stairs, it makes you laugh.

  12. If you think one of the most anticipated MMORPGs (Tera Online) is going to offer a Free -to-Play plan you are horribly mistaken. Only shitty games offer Free-to-Play plans.

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