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Tera Online – Trailer 4

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This is a Video for the beautiful MMO Role Playing Game Tera Online.

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  1. Ok, so! Flying mounts, scantily clad elves/demons, weapons on my back, unreal worlds, made up words. Check!

    The enemies do look pretty neat though. But those are probably just the bosses, which generally are the coolest looking out of all enemies in an MMO.

  2. @WafflezDay you will be surprised, the majority are party mobs (regular elites).

  3. Why all titles states to be the FIRST TRUE Action MMO???? All the same.

  4. @N1ceV1d

    Do you go around pasting this on all the Tera videos? Honestly I looked up Rumble Fighters just cause i didnt know what it was. How in god's name do you compare a game that looks like a little kiddy game to one like this?

  5. @Luka1180 Because it has a unique game play style, using cross-hairs to aim at instead of clicking your enemy, and shooting it. Plus, you have to dodge on your own, and block on your own. There's no percentage of block and dodge in this game. It is pretty much the FIRST TRUE ACTION MMORPG.

  6. idk why but when i look at this i keep seeing a cross between ffxi and .hack with majorly amped graphics and i say FF11 because of the galka and .hack because of the dungeon crawling type feel. i want it.

  7. @Lington me too 😀 tho i hope its not going to be as sexual as it looks lol id hate ppl to walk in and think im watching porn while playing this game D: have you seen a release date yet?

  8. @Kiobao 3Q or 4Q of this year, that's what I heard. Anyway, I'm sure it'll release before 2012.

  9. @Lington there hasnt been a release dat yet..so maby end this year..maby next year…so nothing is sure.

  10. I really wonder wut they do with the chicks when the bad guys take them prisinor or kill them…..dirty thoughts! 😀

  11. if you guys like this game , check out BLADE& SOUL

  12. The action fighting in this game is not new, we did this back in 2000 with an MMO called Pristontale!

  13. Ow, they worked really hard to make this game..

  14. @DrGunnan The official release date has been announced already, 1st May 2012 for Us, 3rd may for EU

  15. @terenceil arch is right to some degree, though. Crosshair manual aim, action combat is not new. Dragon's Nest and C9 also have this, and Vindictus has something close to it (although more automatic). There are, of course, other games.

    Although, TERA is the only one I can think of that isn't restricted to instanced combat.

  16. @Lington I read this comment in 2012 and loled

  17. I see allot of comparisons of WoW and gw2… Gw2 isnt even fuckin out yet, should compare it to something more similar… Like… Terra! Terra or gw2… The major choice for many mmo players…

  18. im sorry but ur wrong tera but vindictus was the first true action mmo but im still playing ur game no matter wut 🙂

  19. From what I've seen, female castanic is the best

  20. The only issue I have with Tera and Aion and basically any newer MMO is that there's a farm, a house, a camp, a town, or something every 5 freaking meters. In WoW at least they had legit wilderness and borders to lands while Tera directs you on the paths they want, and there's no real travel, just the small spaces between spots. I miss having long wilderness.

  21. Eve was amazing when it was free. But it seems it was only fun in huge corporations. Fantasy games usually have better lore / story – line imo. However, you are right, eve world was massive.

  22. Eve has it's own style, but yeah, even I get bored of it after a while. Though I would like to get back to it, but it still feels somewhat boring. It is more like a strategy game in the end, I think, though a lot of pvp in it. You can explore too, though.

  23. watching this made me think i hope im not emotionally happy to live

  24. I read this comment in 2013 and I don't know why am I replying to it.

  25. What's the name to the theme song in the trailer?

  26. this should be the new standard for mmo combat mechanics

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