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Tera Online – Trailer 3

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This is a Video for the beautiful MMO Role Playing Game Tera Online.

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  1. One does not simply become a nerd because of an internet meme.
    And who said it's s**t?

  2. bro. they dont attract nerd. they attract a species call MAN! not a gay like you.

  3. So gays are not humans… nice logic you have there.

    I'm not sure if You want to be the nerds' protector or just some simple idiot discriminating someone's lifestyle.

    And yes, men… men have girlfriends and they don't stare at metal bikinis in games. Just sayin', You should try looking for one. 😉

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    Think outside the box instead of calling people gay over and over again without knowing the person you're talking to first.

    Ps.: "you're gay because I can say so"

  5. Yep near the end of 58-59 levels. :3 her name is Hasmina.

  6. well……….after hearing this…………..im thinkin theres no need for me to go higher than 38 LOL xDDDD

  7. tera is the first game that her tralers have deathes and sadness in it lol but still cool game xDDD

  8. u miss even though replaying this from 2 years but notic the begining my freind XDD ull see

  9. The less armour they wear makes them more protected.

  10. Nah, I gotta say that. It's a fashionable game that points at the beauty of a human body. :p :p :p

  11. A friend asking me to start playing this game, she says it's awesome, but it's doesn't seem all that fun to me.

  12. Finally characters that look good and sexy! Girl I mean.. oh and Im a girl btw (Straight too)! Who wouldnt like to play with a hot looking character! Oh and yet Im having problems with the launcher and im so sad about that.. gonna try everything to make this work D:

  13. Is the entire erin race catered just for Japan's huge pedo audience?

  14. True but the game is actually pretty good aside from the females. Atleast its not scarlet blade that game is horrible ._.

  15. "Wait…she dropped the blades at the end….but we just saw her murder everything….so did she die or did she pick the blades up again and murder everything?"

  16. her goal was to avenge her friend she drops the sword cause she knows she has finsihed her task

  17. So she didn't drop them when she was surrounded?

  18. I also liked how her friend could revive because those were player characters. owo

  19. @Arus Wolfstein At the start of the video shes killing monsters in the hallway towards the boss (middle of the story). Theyre fighting outside and her friend dies (beginning of the story). She reaches the boss, gets surrounded, and drops her weapons (ending of the story)

  20. She's actually in the game and you end up saving her and killing the boss.

  21. I can't freaking wait to play! But I need some tips. Like is it a story game or like a mmorpg?

  22. Isn't it amazing how that's the ACTUAL gameplay graphics?? I'm addicted to Tera… and it's F2P now!

  23. as I saw the end of the trailer I was like: and then things happen, that only 18+ should watch 😀

  24. that fine body shouldn't go to waste there is much fun to be had


  26. This is just another game that uses females and turns them into stripper bitches for the teens.

  27. I ask izvineniya.Ya want to download your video, as material for his obzora.Ya would hope that you have not shown me any pritenziy.Ogromnoe no thanks

  28. норм игрулька!напрягают лишь скиллы на кнопках.жаль,что нет функции прожимать курсором.

  29. im sorry but when a trailer has to use hoe's in their trailer to lure in people to play there game, it just turns me off completely, I want to look at you game, not boob for the sad little men who only play it for the boob, plus women aren't much better as they entertain it most the time :/

  30. This trailer runs choppy just like the game. Don't get me wrong the game is very good but it needs optimization really badly.

  31. Usually id play as a female character since im a girl xD
    But it kinda annoys me that the characters look like total hoes… Seriously… What kind of idiot would go out on a battlefield like that? Thats suicide xD
    Oh well… I guess ill just have to stick with a male character for once…
    (sorry for my bad grammar)

  32. Lol, the game is so poorly optimized even their trailers lag.

  33. +TheGenchannel Don't worry… she doesn't die. She is in the game and her name is Hasmina. In this part of the game where she is fighting these things (Argons), you show up with your hero to help her, right when she is about to give up. It's pretty cool. The sorcerer that got killed is her sister, so she is emotionally tense in the game ^-^

  34. the only thing I find annoying about games like this is how little armor they make the females wear you can make a  and covers it's user.

  35. We're going into battle?? Okay! Just lemme grab my good bakini!

  36. This trailer is still just as good as I remember it

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