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TERA Online Trailer 2013 (HD)

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As promised, covers 2011’s E3. As part of our day 1 coverage, we’ve managed to get an interview with TERA online. While the video gets processed by our editing team, please enjoy

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  1. du bist bullshit man! Guck dir mal Aion an ist vor allem seit 4.0 unschlagbar 😉

  2. Jozcef brought me here. And we like cookies. LOTS.

  3. People have been saying that since the beginning, but the combat or story isn't even close–so give it a rest, fake.

  4. this vid shows the mystic dong her best what she do : ) useing that sleep spell wonder if any one really usees that ? nd useing that troll of vangce

  5. how can it be that mortals must battle to keep GODS alive? +there is only 1 GOD not many, and HE is imortal, and HE rules

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