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Tera Online – Trailer 2

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This is a Video for the beautiful MMO Role Playing Game Tera Online.

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  1. 2:39 most epic moment of all gameplay trailers….. srsly to whoever made this trailer…their not paying you enough…

  2. Story like lineage, game play like Aion,

  3. Yeah, my first ever mmorpg was wow now just the sight of one makes me want to kill myself.

  4. I see that everytime the logo pops up lol. So far, great game, visuals should be the benchmark for any mmo.

  5. //w w w. ebay. de/itm/121125369701?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649

  6. This shows what happens when your Tanker Fails.

  7. WOW….really liked the way that warrior jump cool 🙂 can u do that in the game ?

  8. @Alex white yes just about everything you saw in the trailer you can do in the game

  9. Yes 🙂 its called evade but they dont jump that high XD

  10. Ya, but the people in the area are like level 25, so its pretty hard to solo it. Hell I was a level 21 and I had to use so much health potions to not die from that giant…

  11. Damnit lancer, you had one job ONE JOB AND THAT'S TO HOLD AGGRO!!!

  12. Yeah….if even your mom or say grandma raids with you…..probably time to move on….

  13. Oh and I should mention those are the easy ones (I was just underleveled) . In the area where it has those giant kumas, they also have these other giant monsters. Its like the land of the giants. Some of the other giants are a LOT harder though. So ya, good game.

  14. i started playing wen it first came out but i bought the game so im a founder

  15. Tera is the best MMorpg out on the market.The only thing that would make this game perfect is the open pvp world like in Aion or something like in the upcoming TES online

  16. but that doesn't mean Tera players can't go back to WoW for some nostalgia, some of us grew up with that game. Yeah, i totally agree that Tera is so much better and definitely the best MMO, but that doesn't mean everyone should hate on WoW and it's players, that's only making the tera fanbase look as bad as the WoW one

  17. @pqfrllz yeah yeah we all know that! also! dude ive been wasting my time with this game all day have a look its tight >>> tr.im4c5l2

  18. Try EVE ONLINE and feast your eyes over the ships. Since you will need to start using small ship (about 32meters in length) to a BIG ASS SHIP! (ABOUT 18km long)

  19. It's a good game however it did take me a day or two to download and set it all up.

  20. Soooo…he's the slayer that's now a priest? Or did I just miss where he was relevant in that entire flashback?

  21. And did that warrior asplode at the end?

  22. I Love TERA, Im a bit young for the game but i can't stop myself playing, Its just amazing, Great graphics and characters…x

  23. Again the boobs, Its always the Boobs Trying to lure people to play them

  24. I thought that said buthole studios at first haha!

  25. cool but i think tera has that… too much content feeling like wow does… i'm not sure how good this game is but the presentation looks cool…

  26. OMG that Blonde elf woman with big tities got eaten by those giant hyenas! OMG i gotta play this game~ D:~ and save the day!!!!!!!!!

  27. Tera sucks, it's covered by pretty little graphics and tits. Gameplay is shit and feels constricted. But that's my opinion. Each to their own.

  28. i hate how the make the warrior look all OP now everyone uses them -.- and the game lac healers at can actually keep up with the rate of the game


  30. At least the game actually has something to do with the trailer

  31. The game is good, but I don't like how it is all about boob, and 90% of the girl chars are men. PLus the excuse of I prefer looking at a women than a man is bs, you just have no life 😛 and need a gf and have no imagination or self worth or belief in yourself, hence why you play as a girl and not a dude. You want porn, go to a porn site, not a game.

  32. amig@ una pregunta que marca de lapto o cual lapto me recomiendas para jugar al tera porfas respondeme rapido

  33. Tera finally on Steam but still region block so…tsk.

  34. What a nice trailer. What a bad you can't even play it. I began to download the game, it's ultra slow and at 60% it's start to go with 150kb/sec. Finally at 68% it's started to go with a good 3mb, just to stop at 95% to go with 50kb/sec. 4 Hours later, the download ended, it starts a recheck and fails at 97%. Every. Damn. Time. It's nice that they develop a game, make a nice trailer, but if you can't download it, than I don't know whats the meaning behind it. I would probably write to the forums, but knowing MMO's ~> "Try to reinstall the game."

  35. amo a tera es para l del de mi hermano soy chicq

  36. omfg why does the panda have to firkin die holy crap

  37. A while ago I saw this video but with another music, someone could tell me please

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