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Tera Online The Ebon Tower PUG Party Full Dungeon Run 1080p

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Black/Dark Tower – Random Pick Up Group – 1st Boss Not Included ^_^/


  1. @RadiiTV if they keep with the lies to the fan base they are doing to lose a lot of potential customers. just check out their official forums and the thread on the announcement.. see the anger.. its palpable… if they ahd been honest this entire time.. there would BE no problem.. i quit WOW solely for this game.. and having to wait.. i'll just hope diablo 3 doesn't make me forget about TERA

  2. man japanese people are sooo lucky and smart!

  3. Did they add new customization options ?

    I don't seem to recall that particular Elin face/hair combo, or the neon-colored armors you and some of your Elin teammates are wearing…

  4. This game looks so good, I really hope they dont ruin it with anything ridiculous…I.E: Making a "legendary" item that you can only obtain from pve, takes like 2-3 months to get and makes you a great pvper even if you arent that good ;/.

  5. Oh my gawd Steparu what happened to your hair?!

  6. I love how you just ran up to them and started ganking the crap outta those B.A.Ms

  7. @yoyo68y My computer won't even be able to run this game at all XD

  8. I hate this game… you can play as a loli but not a shota? I will never pay $35/mo unless I get some shota action

  9. wow this boss is from devil may cry 1, even the place looks exactly the same

  10. You know this actually makes sense. It's done just like every other MMO when it comes to tanks, DPS, and healing, but the combat is different. It looks the same but yet, it isn't. This is potentially the evolution of MMOs. If this game succeeds, you are going to see alot of clones of this game. You heard it first from me

  11. @Mnemosyn3 FWIW I do not read sankaku but I am aware of the site. I'd be interested in knowing which article you mean though. I just think it's both weird and unfair that they have a childlike race that seems to be entirely female, at least according to all of the videos and promotional art I've seen so far.

  12. @Zulithe in na its not going to be that much o.o… lol

  13. where have you been?! i need new vids from youuu

  14. @MsKaymachine Because the market over here is completly diffrent anything that take a actual challenge is frown upon unless it a theme park mmo like the big elephant in the room it no good

  15. Are the dungeons instanced or open like in lineage for ex? Servers are pvp only or is there pve?

  16. @MsKaymachine I agree with the white boys being bad at making MMO's. But Tera's full release is set on May 1st, and Closed beta sign up is available atm.

  17. @Insooooooo Instances/Dungeons or w/e are instanced, and there are both pvp and pve servers.

  18. Steparu Whos the human male Zerker here… Does he have any video just want to see a gameplay of a zerker of highest level zerker

  19. How does this game take skill? The ads for this game always say it takes skill. I haven't noticed any of you drop below 50%. All it looks like to me is a more action oriented mmo. By action oriented i mean being able to get behind a boss that you have aggro of. Positioning seems like it could matter, but with seemingly never in danger of death… idk. (i'll still give it a try)

  20. @MsKaymachine

    Western Games are different from Eastern games. Especially in the rpg department. Both are good, but JRPGs are obviously different from western RPGs.

    The aesthetic WoW went with was cartoony. Tera went with the anime aesthetic. I prefer the anime style, but in terms of combat mechanics you would have to tell me what is so great. Every video i've seen of Tera (combat-wise) has seemed very boring.

  21. It seems boring because it has the same mechanic as all other mmos, which is repeating the same skills in an endless string until it dies, simple as that. As for what is so great about combat, dunno maybe a little girl ramming a spear up a monster's belly?

  22. Everything can seem boring but you have to actually try it to tell. I'll agree it does look boring but having played in the closed beta I'll say it was a ton of fun and I can't wait to try dungeons out. Really one of those things you have to try for yourself.

  23. i like the long hair steparu more….SO CUTE!

  24. How big was the beta actually?What I mean is how far into game could you actually approach in Tera beta?

  25. Oh my god… Lolicat girl with giant weapons >.> I want one

  26. I wants to play…. I've been looking for an rpg like this all my life

  27. So glad this is going completely free come February. Finally have a reason to play.

  28. The dungeons in this game are fucking awesome

  29. Well I'm a girl, I like playing cute characters so for me, they're spot on lol.

  30. Thanks for uploading this Step. I don't see many use the two berserker, one archer makeup. Have the warrior and lancer stamina changes affected you at all?

  31. From playing the game I find they are super slutty looking.. quite interesting after 10 hours of straight gameplay

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