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TERA Online – The Beautiful World of TERA (watch in 1080p HD)

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This is my first Video about TERA! TERA is an action based MMORPG, which is absolutly amazing and beautiful in it’s Details. Because of this, I decided to make a Tribute to TERA. Hope you will enjoy it 🙂


Mein erstes Video über TERA! TERA ist ein Action geladenes MMORPG, welches von einer außergewöhnlich schönen und Detailverliebten Welt geprägt wird. Aus diesem Grund, habe ich mich dazu entschieden, sozusagen einen Tribut an TERA zu zollen. Ich hoffe es gefällt euch 🙂

Presented by: EtErNitY

Holly, Castanic Priest (DE) Kaia

0:00 – 0:21 I Embrace – Liquid Cinema
0:22 – 1:39 I Brand X Music – The Quest
1:40 – 3:56 I Mark Petrie – Convergence

Alle Aufnahmen wurden eigens von mir erstellt. Das Videomaterial wurde von Bluhole, Frogster, Ubisoft zur Verfügung gestellt. Das Copyright liegt bei den jeweiligen Parteien.


  1. Beautiful TERA is just made for v ideos like this! Good job

  2. ja, leider hat die quali vom ersten track iwi gelitten -.- naja man kann net alles richtig machen xD

  3. awesome vid of the beautiful world of Arborea 😉 i just saw all areas atm 😉

  4. Aufgenommen mit Fraps und geschnitten mit Sony Vegas 7.0 ^^ etwas veraltet… aber es macht seinen Job gut 😀

  5. Das Video hat mich überzeugt.
    Werde mir Tera Online kaufen. ^_^

  6. Ja wenns das wirklich so wäre wäre reallife veraltet und würde aussterben.. xP.

  7. Jaja RL hat zwar die beste Grafik und keine Ladezeiten bzw laggs ABER das Konzept ist echt langweilig 😀

  8. Das Spiel hat soviel Potential gehabt. Aber leider den falschen Publisher =(

  9. I left Tera a while ago… but videos like this make me want to go back =/

  10. Dann lass am besten MMORPG's ruhen. Es gibt nur schrott Free2Play's meiner Meinung 😉

  11. The graphics in Tera are impressive. 1 of the best in any MMO until Blade and Soul gets released. Oh wait, B&S runs on the same Unreal engine like Tera.

  12. Awesome video dude! Looks like an ad for the game xD

  13. bestes online spiel ! und zock es erst seid heute sowas hab ich noch net gesehn

  14. This is really well done. Looks awesome. This is why i like Tera so much

  15. guess who has to play it on lowest quality ): badluck brian:p

  16. No Problem… i don't play TERA anymore either… just sometimes i take a look inside the game ;p

  17. I bought new pc hardware last week…. guess i have to play TERA again and make new Videos with my GTX 680 ^^

  18. i just wanted to say… i know what you mean xD i could play TERA on high details with my old pc parts… but now i guess it would run like hell 😛

  19. This is a very nicely! Thank you!!!

  20. 2Years later Tera is still the most Beautiful Free to Play Game in the World 😀

  21. cant compare to black desert online, but i guess this was 2 years ago.

  22. Came back recently and it's still a beautiful game.I was playing ff14 which is already nice but Tera is really amazing.It's too bad they don't use more from the environment 🙁

  23. Too that at the hour i write this comment I don't know who made Tera.heard that it was supposed to be LIneage 3? If yes then I suppose NCsoft made this beutiful game good job Tera's creators for giving a perfect MMo
    No sit-and-press-skills game
    No minecraft graphic
    Hot female chars 😀
    and Beautiful landscape
    and truly free

  24. Amazing video and thanks for sharing it !!!!!!!!!

  25. 3 years later and still one of the best looking MMO's to date. The work they did on the endgame content is amazing seeing that it went F2P too. This video made me want to lvl a char all over again which is rare for me!

  26. Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah so epic i love this world ___ Have to play this game.. NOW 😀

  27. soo is this game good? (besides its world, that obviously looks stunningly beautiful and perfect)

  28. judging by your nickname is guess you're the same age as I am. but putting that aside, thx for the video man. it was exactly what I was looking for. I don't have a pc that can run the game with HD graphics but I'm planning to get one. and I always look for the nice places when I play a game. I like to explore more than to fight. i get to high lvls just so I can explore all the beautiful places. this was perfect for me. thx again

  29. 1:48
    where is that? O.o I've been playing tera for years, but idk whwere that picture is from
    where did you take that shot?

  30. Arborea never ceases to amaze me. there was a lot of love put into this game, its just sad that some of it is going downhill these days

  31. I liked Tera so much before Island of Dawn and Poru Elina where burnt to dust….

  32. Einder der Besten YouTube seiten die ich kenne! NICE CLIP Eternity1986, TOP!

  33. The 2nd best Free To Play
    The first is Warframe :3

  34. I don't play this game but very nice, I wish I could travel there

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