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TERA Online – TERA Gorgeous Dance Video / Germany/ HD 1080p

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Guild Veliks Traum:

Song : Two Steps From Hell – African Sunset


  1. Japs, gefällt mir sehr sogar (wie ich bestimmt schon sagte) xD
    Nagut, das kann ich nicht beurteilen, das ich es erst ein paar Wochen spiele, auch mehr mit 2, 3 Freunden zusammen, da ich sonst vllt auch schon den Spaß verloren hätte, aber mit Freunden is das schon ein ganz anderes Spielerlebnis.

    Schade dennoch das du nimmer spielst und ebenfalls viel Spaß Dir (bei anderen Games, oda so) 😉

  2. Look the video right, the human race is in the video 😉 !

  3. When the video was turned, was unfortunately prevented of the Aman which was planned for the video. There was no substitute Aman.

  4. This was an interesting way to spend 3 minutes.

  5. …truly gorgeous…best dance video form game i've ever seen. You must have been inspired by good spirits. Thank you for enjoyment of watching this vid

  6. What class is the female castanic pleeease? 2nd one along in the blue plate armour.. it looks so good!

  7. do you have to buy the dances? in aion you do: comparing the two games

  8. No these are race bound dances. :3 Popori dance is awesome!

  9. Truthfully this could have been better if the dances in TERA were better. Still a decent video showcasing the few moves our toons have.

  10. Herrlich dein Video, da kommt man ins Schwärmen. Princess Emilia & Rainer

  11. Uhm. Boring as fuck to me. Stop wasting your time and get a job lmao

  12. OMG! 😀 llladies!!…nice vid,wanted to make one of my own but its too hard :(…

  13. Die Musik ist so schön beruhigend und passend dazu das Video. Besser hätte man es wohl nicht machen können :3

  14. this is an arabic song….

  15. The dances look out of place normally,but when coordinated like that,it turned out looking really cool,nice xD

  16. Blue, blue, blue,blue everywhere I guess Tera likes blueberries XD

  17. u use music similar to greek and u write germany in the video xD gg

  18. Very well timed especially the high elf dance part

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