Tera Online - Teaser Promotional Video 720p HD (Updated 01/23) - MMORPG - teraonline.be

Tera Online – Teaser Promotional Video 720p HD (Updated 01/23) – MMORPG

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Tera Online 테라 – The Exiled Realm of Arborea – Teaser Promotional Video 720p HD Updated 01/23 – MMORPG

The Tera teaser with a minor updates on January 23rd, 2009. Tera is developed by Bluehole Studio.

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  1. You, my friend, have just witnessed the "Rule of Cool" in action.


  2. Best top comment I've read in a long time. It made me laugh thank you

  3. Welcome to MMO Games. They are all pretty much like this.

  4. I don't know how anyone can be bothered with MMO's any more. WoW began it amazingly with vanilla then destroyed it with everything else. Game creators can keep coming up with new ideas for MMO's but it still doesn't take away the fact it's a GRINDDDDDD. ZZzzz games are meant to be fun in the moment, not after you grind.. and grind.. and grind.. for end game where you grind some more… then expansion comes out and it's grind again! ZzZz At least Diablo 2 was fun to grind, hope 3 is as well..

  5. This looks like another WoW clone which wont be as polished and will quickly get boring as its nothing new. WoW bores me so I dont see why this would be any better. The interface looks awful, the gameplay is nothing new but the graphics look nice atleast. Think I'll pass!

  6. why are all the bosses fucking huge and very obese? and women are wearing sluttiest outfits possible? the fuck is this shit. lol

  7. fuck you guys, lrn to enjoy things and stop whining

  8. guild wars 2 will be the best mmo of 2012 who knows about the rest of the years

  9. I don't know I'm a female who loves anime and manga outfits, I think realistic normal armor is boring and that eastern mmos are awesome artistical designs…

  10. you've got some serious problems though if you are playing tera and all you can think of despite the awesome gameplay combat is making out with some girl avatar… Lol )

  11. WOW was a clone, they based it off the original Everquest then tweaked it

  12. it looks like wow except the graphics are bad. ALTHOUGH it looks like a fun game and i certainly would like to try it..

  13. typical women, it's never about practicality.

  14. Dont you guys know? Slutty armor gives you boost in intelligence. That is why blondies these days look like sluts, they want more intelligence.

  15. LOL the game looks fun but wont run on my computer

  16. I looked up the system requirements for this game, it said it needed 50 gigs of free hard drive space, IS THIS TRUE!??! 50 GIGS? thats 1 month DL allowance from Cox internet!

  17. Yes you will need 50 gigs if you get the digital copy of the game and then install it. If you have the physical discs it is much less that you need to download.

  18. this game is some kind of bs cause why give a trial when you cannot even ask questions on chat cause you have restrictions on everything when on trial,in wow u get to chat and have friends etc here is like they give u have a game just to try and they dont want you to talk to other players,why is this?,well TSW FTW this game looks fun but if i cannot ask any questions ingame to other players is not worth my time,and i wont pay or buy it just to later find out is a bullshit wow wanna be game…

  19. Ok I tried the demo. It would be a good single player but with elder scrolls online coming out later next year don't even see the point of getting this game.

  20. Ever played wow trial? you're only allowed to chat to friends who added you as well in their lists. So, WoW follows the exact same format, in order to prevent gold sellers from spamming.
    And really? that's the only reason for not buying the game?. You know you can use the forums, right? or watch some freaking youtube videos.. " Oh, I can't chat in a Trial account, that must mean I'm also not allowed to chat in the full version, fuck this, I'm going back to Blizzard to get neglected some more! "

  21. i dont play wow,tera is terrible,waiting on GW2 pvp/questing/raiding is awesome,no more p2p and get the same amount of content maybe even more from a buy 2 play game,P2P is dying and soon B2P or F2P will rule!

  22. Tera actually looks more similar to Warcraft and Guild Wars than it does any other eastern game imo.

  23. While a lot of people are copying techniques that made WoW successful you must understand it was not the first major MMO. Everquest was and Blizzard actually recruited a lot of people from Everquest when WoW kicked off.

  24. uuuhhh Everquest was not the first "major" MMO, Ultima Online was. And the majority of WoW players came over from DAOC with which WoW shared many similarities. If your going to try and wax intellectually about MMO's on youtube comments you should bone up on your history loser.

  25. I had no problem with what this man said until the word "bro" which filled me with an un mitigated RAGE!!!!!!>_<!!!!!

  26. Meh you're looking too much into this man. Everquest was the first "MAJOR" MMO nobody gave a damn about Ultima I don't even know why you brought it up.

  27. i enjoy looking good and being badass at the same time XD im a girl it doesnt bother me one bit… i mean of course i dont dress like this in RL… but its fantasy

  28. Hate to tell you this guys, but if you all remember correctly, WOW is actually starting to die. If you remember, about 3 years ago the game was completely subscription based, then it went Free to play up until 10, now it has gotten to the point where you can play every expansion up to level 20. Even Blizzard have said that they are not focusing on WOW as much any more, in favour of the new 'Big' game they are making. I know that its old news, but Free mmos with premium shops are the way forward.

  29. the thing is it does almost everything better than almost all other games though because it has all the resources to keep up constant expansion onto the game which is why its been so successful for so long

  30. I wonder why all the people have too find something bad about each game except for the 1 they like and is a perfect game -w-" is no like they can make everything "perfect"….gosh…

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  32. You obviously don't get it. This MMO is great because of it's combat system. Ye the lvling is a bit boring, and doesn't vary much, but that isn't what this MMO is populare for. This MMO is great because of the combat system. The fact that you dodge, and actually needs accuracy to hit people. In WOW it's all about your gear, and no skill. This game requires dodging, and accuracy, which is a way better combat system. We don't want the tab! we want to use our skills.

  33. тоже играю в эту игру и веду обзоры))))

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