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TERA Online Stress test 2010 (Elin race)

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Elin race


  1. Elin ° 3° cannot wait to play with them!!

  2. TERA…. wow, this game has ousted all desire for Star Wars The Old Republic, Rift Planes of Telara, utterly destroyed every single desire to ever play World of Warcraft EVER again, killed all of my ambition to play any other action and MMO(RPG) out on the market today.

    Give me TERA or give me (gaming)death!

    ~Scarlette of TERA-online)

  3. release time ? and have i pay for it like wow ?

  4. @xxmynameisdarkoonxx Wait what the hell?! Was that sarcastic..?

  5. thank you for uploading a video with the actual ambiance, in-game music and sound instead of dubbing it over with bad electronica or symphonic metal

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