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Tera Online – Story Trailer (Korean w/ English Subtitles)

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This is a Video for the beautiful MMO Role Playing Game Tera Online.

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  1. @HolligaMan They are uncomparable so yes =)

  2. hmm…. interesting how his two handed sword became two one handers…. why can't they do that in game 🙁

  3. @TheItrollyoutodeath I have zero intention of even touching SWTOR, personally.

  4. Wait what? what have they removed so far? You need to realize that NA doesnt get up to date patches, they are always behind a little (no idea why, but in every translated korean game its like this, and if u want an expample Vindictus) Oh noes they put pants on elin.. what else did they fuck up in your mind?

  5. Why are you talking about Ncsoft? this isnt GW2…

  6. again im on the forums. Whats changes about Tera?

  7. ahahaha lev 33 here kinda figured the armored dude was the bad guy already. so it wasnt too much of a sopiler for me

  8. Still going and plenty is playing it atm.
    The bad thing about TERA, is that they got a PEDO race named Elin.

  9. lol why? do they arouse you sexually when you look at them? is that why you feel guilty? Even if "pedophiles" play that race how does it affect you negatively? I dont think you are an 8 year old boy/girl. or are you? 😛

  10. Your a fail troll! If your really that stupid, then do a google search on that crap race and see what people are saying.

  11. I am being very serious about this. but tell me why I should look up what other people think? tell me why you cant make an opinion for yourself. do you always let society decide for you? you cant answer any of my questions cant you? you would have to look up on google first right? lol

  12. wished it never ended ^^

    they should definitely make movies like this

  13. "TERRA"

    we will put that world to the test!!! – lothan 3rd

  14. si supiera de donde descargarlo ya lo habria descargado ¬¬

  15. el juego se hizo free to play hace poco puedes bajarlo de la pagina oficial

  16. Tera > Guild wars 2
    that is just my opinion after playing both games. I got bored of GW2 in a week and I still play Tera 🙂

  17. 2:52 * Male high Elf puts weapon away* Yes he did it! *Giant hand shatters glass and reaches out towards him* OH CRUD!

  18. mahalo vídeo games plz can you guys tell the name of the soundtrack of this vídeo plz.ty.

  19. I reached level sixty but never seen these cut scenes of Ellion and Sameal? why? what am I missing?

  20. No friend
    It's korean oline game
    But blade&soul is more better than this

  21. Yeah she's very pretty even though flat chested. =)

  22. This 3 mins trailer has more interesting story than Tera itself 😛 Why don't we have chance to play during these events? sucks

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