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Tera Online / Sorcerer’s Skills Animations(Elf/Elin/Castanic/Human)

Alex Mc
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Uhhmmm….where to start? I had this idea since almost a year ago,back when I”only” had 3 sorcerers,and now that I had 4 because…I wanted yet another dps alt to farm stuff…I took the chance to pick a race I hadn’t picked yet(for Sorcerer at least).
So I finally decided to bother making this video,yeah bother -,- this video is made of 216 short clips who took around 4 hours to record,plus the so-called”video editing” took another good 2 hours(damn slow computer and had to look for music that was somehow fitting,well,almost fitting at least).And for people who knows how extremely lazy I can be,6 hours are like a whole week for a normal person.

I will upload the 216 video individually in a Google+ Album,just like I did back in the Priest’s Skill Animations V2’s video.

If you wanna see an Elin Priest’s Skill Animations:

As for this video I didn’t used ALL the skills as some share the same animation(Fireblast and Mindlbast for example,but I wanted to add Mindblast anyway because of the less effects around the caster’s body allow for better view of the animation),and I ended up including even way too many skills 😐 the total skills used are 15 and are as follows:

01 = Fireball
02 = Ice Needle
03 = Fire Pillar
04 = Magma Bomb
05 = Mana Infusion
06 = Flaming Barrage
07 = Fireblast
08 = Mindblast
09 = Mana Siphon
10 = Lightning Trap
11 = Overchannel
12 = Arcane Pulse
13 = Burst of Celerity
14 = Nova
15 = Stone Skin

It was quite easier compared to Priest’s Skill animations video as the Sorcerer have only one lock skill(yeah it got more than one but they all share the same animation bla bla I just putted one in the video),so I didn’t need another player like back there to cast the skills.Also lots of Priest’s skills have long cooldown(up to 15 minutes each),and each skill was recoreded 3 times in 3 different angles,so I had to plan my recording carefully to optmize time and not wasting 15 minutes doing nothing waiting for the skill’s cooldown(back then I started with the long cooldown skill and while in cooldown I recorded the short cooldown ones).Sorc’s highest cooldown skills is Stone Skin which “only” have 3 minutes of cooldown so,easy job.

LASTLY for those who doesn’t known how Tera’s Camera work,I’ll tell ya,with some settings its possible to keep the camera still while casting skills,however that doesn’t work on all skills like Fireball or Ice Needle,so,EVERY time you cast a Fireball or an Ice Needle the camera moves BEHIND your character,thus preventing to get a clear side or frontal view of the skill.So that’s the reason why on those skills I move the camera,or else you would only get the back view version.

Mini Videos Used:

Mini Video’s Support Text:

Royalty-Free Audio Used:
#1 – Southern California[Riot]
#2 – Infrared[Letter Box]
#3 – The Only Girl[Silent Partner]
#4 – Reasons to Smile[Topher Mohr and Alex Elena]
#5 – Dutty[Vibe Tracks]
#6 – Humidity[Silent Partner]
#7 – Venice Beach[Topher Mohr and Alex Elena]
#8 – Smile Quiet Looking Up[Puddle of Infinity]

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N.A.Q.(Nobody Asked’s Questions):

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Recorded On:25/07/2015
Recording Program Used:Bandicam
Video Converting Program Used:AVS Video Editor 7.0

Video Conversion’s Specs:
(Video)1920×1080 H.264;30 fps;25.000 Kbps
(Audio)AAC;Stereo;48 KHz;320 Kbps


  1. I always played Elin Sorcered (6-7 years ago, i miss tera…) 🐰Gread video, I need male version 😉

  2. Rip human sorcerer Maesra, to be deleted tonight to make space for another filler alt :O

  3. Hey Alex, I was wondering if you've ever played Dragon Nest? If so what are your opinions on it? :3

  4. where is Hailstorm? that skill is like a trademark for a sorcerer xD

  5. Yea i can kinda see why you deleted the human one, their casting animations are so boring. The Elins float, the Castanic literally do a body roll, and the elves are just bae. The human one literally just threw her hands in the air. That'd be why i'd delete her you probably did it for a different reason. plus this totally should get more views

    ps. the Nova animations are soooooooooooo fucking cool

  6. At first, you forgot the dodge moves, too! xD

    wtf, fireblast or mindblast from Elin looking very mighty and cool!
    The canstanic is shaking her a*s and be full in extase always it seems. xD
    The combat stance and movement from the Human is looking beautiful and sometimes bad ass.
    The high elve always most elegant, und mostly doing everything with one hand (like it's no big deal o.o).

    So which to choose… Hard decision, but at least I don't like to play Elin, and I already got 2 castanic (Warrior and Berserker).
    I think I'll be testing Human and Elve, and decide later, which one will stay (I want absolutely a female for a Sorc, because male Sorc are always weird for some reason…)

    EDIT: You have to redo this, because the class skill animations has been changed, it's looking different, and much more awesome now!

  7. i can't quite understand how did they do all the animations, they moslty look like mocap, but sometimes very much hand-crafted…

  8. How do you make your elf skin like human's skin?

  9. how did the elf manage to hide it's disk after attack?

  10. can you do it for warrior as well elin vs castanic female?

  11. Thanks, wanted to know the diffrences between the races helped for the female ones.

  12. I watched the whole video and I'm gonna make Barakka!

  13. I don't know if i should do castanic, elf, or human for Circe

  14. suppos the castanic try make fire blast or she is practice seductive dance loool

  15. i really like ur human sorrceser and can you make vidoes how to make a pretty female human character please

  16. Amazing video, we have to have more of them!

  17. Castanic life forever <3 them horned lovelies

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