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Tera Online – Slayer Guide Part 1

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This video provides an overview on each skill of the Slayer Kit!
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This video provides an overview on each skill.


  1. Is there any possibility of a linking guide cause I started TERA as a slayer and cant figure out how to chain link my abilities well. I constantly get murdered by sorcs, and archers. i can fight off a warrior or Reaper. but due to the lack of understanding how linking works i cant really defeat them. My reaper has been my main PVP fighter due to the ease of linking, which is mostly used for DPS, not stunning if a guide or something could be provided fo effective slayer links might help to identify linking other skills such as my poor lvl 37 sorc.

  2. Where do you got this weapon (weaponskin)  from ? 🙂

  3. hi…l wanna play this game,which class l start?

  4. The song at the beginning, was is the nightcore version?

  5. i just got Tera today i was looking into Slayer but i saw your Reaper video and i think i might go with that but thanks for the insight man.

  6. Great video. The simple structure of it made it really easy to take in and understand

  7. Really nice intro video 😀 I am now leveling both a slayer and a zerker, still gotta choose which play-style I prefer… but this video was very helpful 😉

  8. Flow with eviscerate now is it possible to make my chain skill prioritize MS after OHS instead of Eviscerate

  9. I hate reaper now because no other race can be it that's just not fair i hate the fact that i have to be a little girl just to be reaper so i don't play the class any more thay need to make Castanic reaper class they would be better for it.

  10. Ok I played this, aman slayer till 42, at the time most people told me slayers were kind of broken and sub par, as it was the most fun class for me I simply quit… have those issues been fixed(or was I lied to)

  11. halp me, Aman or Castanic Male slayer? please just these 2 options, not like a POPORI or IT DOESNT MATTER

  12. u should make one for archers or have a guild member at least make one. 

    Also are u guys recruiting?

  13. Its helpful but i cant hit my skills i am dueling vs a friend he is warr and cant catch him even if u try doing something he dodge it

  14. Great guide! Definitely going to make use of a lot of these pointers. 

  15. Hi !
    I started to play Tera today and i saw your video to get into the game ..
    The problem is that you just speak about what the skills do … 
    I]m sure that some skills are better then others … you know what i mean ?
    And also i think that a intro video for the first steps on Tera and how to lvl up good and how to have some money to buy the initial stuff …
    I hope you do it because is really important for the new players and also for you   😉 
    Take care

  16. Woooooah what kind of sword is that O.O (I'm new to tera if its weird that I'm asking)

  17. Does castonic male slayer give a huge advantage in terms of the slayer class?

  18. God demmit idk but for some reason my slayer is really slow, the animation is dull with High Elf male too.

  19. this guide is great, but still waiting on the lvl 65 Slayer guide

  20. cuando descubres que human slayer es ricardo fort….MIAMEEEEEEE¡

  21. I started playing TERA today, my first char is a human slayer (Lv14 at the moment) and I must say I found your guide really helpfull. Even though I didn't fully understand some of the specific terminollogy I have an idea now of what I can expect from the class. I'll be watching your other vids for some more tips. Thanks a lot!!

  22. why does ur knockdown look different than mine… and u have 2 strikes… im a baraka slayer btw

  23. im still lvl 12 and im taking a lot of dmg i just cant seem to control it the right way….any advice ? im using human btw thinking about switching to castanic is it better ?

  24. For PvP, focus more on crit or power?
    What's the ideal crit factor before you start building power?

  25. wat is best race for slayer pvp and pve i try elin n i feel it slow than cas male .did atk speed make slayer casting skill faster?

  26. I found this video very helpful, a Castanic Male Slayer was my 3rd class to reach 65. Anywho, would you mind telling us what outfit and weapon skin you have? They both look really cool, and I'd like one for my character.

  27. Studying up for console release, very helpful video man! What's the name of the song in your intro by the way?

  28. Been playing ffxiv mmo for 5 years & still but i do want to try Castanic Female Slayer & try TERA idk! Should i give it a try or the game is dead already?

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