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Tera Online Slayer Gameplay Level 40 Mission

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  1. eu piro tu pira ele pira nois piramo todos piru
    e dale porada…

  2. It's going free my friend! :=) Go check Tera-europe

  3. february I believe. You can play the free unlimited time trial right now, you'll get to keep your characters (2 characters max for free to play).

  4. Yea im playing it but i think ill wait when it gets free becouse i cant chat with this acc or anithyng 😀 the game is perfect 🙂

  5. Without any super restrictions *cough* SWTOR *cough*

  6. What do you guys believe is better Tera or Vindictus, I got hacked on vindi so I quit lost like 3b in gold+items so yeah, but how fluid is combat, what type of crafting is there available, are the drops rates stupid like vindi or just casual. Thanks to anyone who replies.

  7. Combat doesn't seem as fluid as Guild Wars 2…

  8. Just gunna throw this out there but does this not remind people of Monster Hunter? that game was awesome and i wish they would recreate that game to be massively online <3

  9. for wow fans like me if u get bored of it u can try tera after gw2 they are really good!:)

  10. Monster Hunter Frontier Online. Only in japan and korea tho. Also there is Hunter Blade which is a rip off of MH and one last thing: MH4 WOOHOO

  11. i rather play TERA than Vindictus, RaiderZ looks promising

  12. Very. Best game I have played, and I have played a good amount of games

  13. I would say not now with this going F2P, i would give this a shot first.

  14. what is teh different betwin slayer and bersenker?

  15. Hola, weno soy de argentina y quisiera saver si me lo tiraria el tera europe 😀

  16. I used to hear bad comments of Tera in Raiderz. But now, in MY point of view, Tera is MUCH greater and worth the time to play. Best graphics i've seen so far. Everything seems so real.very nice storyline and cutscenes to relate to the story. And also a twist in quests. Tera is definitely worth a try. Even it's character creation is cool.

  17. Also, i've been in Raiderz for 3months or so. Raiderz is still new, so you're gonna reach max level really fast and have nothing much to do other than dailys

  18. Never got around to playing it, i just commented from what i saw in videos

  19. Monster hunter frontier, but its only for Korea and Japan

  20. They did, but it's Japan exclusive. 🙁
    I feel the same way though.

  21. Man …this game looks so good in your PC.. in mine it looks like crap xD

  22. Popolion quest? looks foresty… Tell me what province this takes place!

  23. i soloed this quest with my lvl40 slayer 🙂

  24. im gna play this since im waiting in vein for Blade and Soul NA.. hahaha.. i feel i wanna kill mobs right now..

  25. That game is actually massively online, there's a monster hunter for PC only in Korea I think it is

  26. Man… I really miss when story quests used to be challenging, bams weren't nerfed, and there were no relic weapons. Now it became so easy that every noob hits Lv.60 in a few days by just rolling his face on the keyboard. 🙁

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