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Tera Online Slayer Back Attack & Criticals

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Slayers #1 friends are Mystics!


  1. Armor and weapon used ? crystal?

  2. i like how Tera has cross hairs like Cyphers online

  3. The girly characters are starting to piss me off 😛

  4. @MadPropzBaller At least he is playing as the adult girl race. Not the damn Pedophilic race of babies with no clothes on.

  5. @TokenTrevor check out his earlier videos and eat your words hahaha!!! XD

    tbh i couldnt care less if he played a little girl or a grown woman…its a game.

  6. I don't see how boss fights in this game would be less entertaining than more traditional approaches like WoW.

  7. hey suparu are going to play on western servers?

  8. @lungdisc You do see that is 256 089 crit dmg right?
    That's almost 6 times his health.

  9. @ChaosRiku It could've been worse. At least it wasn't a shitty amv with shitty music.

  10. @ChaosRiku what did you make? And what do you mean I'm being sued? You're not making sense at all -_- then again, trolls never make sense in the first place

  11. yay its almost live 0_o
    now we just have to wait a little bit longer for it to be f2p 🙂

  12. What kind of rotation/priority do you use?

  13. rather what is your chain set up and how do you prioritize

  14. @cheagleable I think he means about Bluehole being sued by NCSoft.. though that's not even the case. They've attempted to sue twice in the past, it's because some NCSoft employees quit and started working for Bluehole. NCSoft are concerned with the competition presented with the NA/EU releases of Tera, considering GW2 is also being released.

  15. @BokoNOM well thank you for taking the time out of your life to tell me this XD. Yeah I've read about that too as the news exploded in the old official forums before they remodeled it 2 weeks ago. But somehow they still managed to release it in korea and japan despite the lawsuits so it should be fine here

  16. @SteparuTV read the guide, but besides I can't read korean, could you maybe write the english effects to the weapon crystals? There are 5 different weapon crystals in your guide but you only write about three (str buff, crit dmg vs enraged bam and 3% crit chance). I didn't understand that part^^ the rest of the guide's awesome 🙂

  17. i'm struggling with Slayer right now. especially with bosses
    extremely fragile, i read your mini guide and it's very accurate

    just learning how to play well on slayer is difficult because of the constant deaths, i really do not want to give up on this class when im only lvl 32, hopefully i can overcome this issue a little, otherwise i will have to go with another class

  18. ステパルさんすごいな。。。と思いました。

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