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Tera online – RRHM (full run) Archer POV

Evil Boi
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1st boss – 00:46
2nd boss – 04:36
3rd boss – 08:34

One of my first runs.

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  1. Um… Hi, guys. I'm a Tera player; a casual one. And I have been for a few years now. Umm… recently. I heard about Black Desert Online. Looks good. I hear bad and good things about it. The P2W thing, dosen't bother me. I'm not gonna spend real money on a game company I don't even know so that's no issue. The issue I had… was Xigncode 3. Hearing what they use it for just- eh. Turned me off. However… yesterday. I signed to Tera: Online. And I noticed… a Xigncode3 banner pop up. I'm… shocked? I mean. I had no idea that my beloved Tera: Online would be using the same spyware tech that Black Desert Online was infamously using. Will it stop me from playing Tera? No. No… But now that Xigncode 3 was running on my machine all this time anyway. Well… might as well play Black Desert Online anyway. Shrugs Don't mean to vent; just… had no idea Tera was using it.

  2. crit cap without buffs ( and power without buffs)

  3. You can walk in-out/out-in for the rotatingkrabbo mechanic btw. Or just 180 close quarters 180

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