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Tera Online Remodel Dye Tutorial with Commentary

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Tera Online Remodel Dye Tutorial with Commentary

This is a video guide/tutorial to show, with commentary, how to remodel and dye your gear in Tera Online. I go in great depth on how to do the above.

This is only one of my guides on Tera Online, I have a guide/tutorial for pretty much everything Tera, so check out my channel if you want to see more Tera Online PvP. PvE, and Tutorial content!

*Brooks148 has informed me that you can use the dyes anywhere, so you don’t need to stand near the npc!* – Cheers Brooks!
*Just to clarify the 1 day dye lasts 24 hours of you actual gameplay, the same goes for the week dye, it will last 168 hours!* – Cheers NdranC & TheSneakyKorean!


“Persephone” by snowflake (feat. Vidian, Dimitri Artemenko)

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  1. Thanks Raven, yeh its 24 hours of you being online. 🙂

  2. Not 100% sure, but check the 2nd tab of the dye vendor, thats where you get the patterns.

  3. No good looking weapons are ever eligible for templates -_- and the templates in the store look rubbish.

  4. Yeh your right there 🙁 kinda sucks. The templates you can buy with real money look wicked though, which is pretty scummy seeing as its a P2P game…

  5. No worries man 🙂 thanks for the kind words 😀

  6. The item you want to change to has to say "useable as template" for it to work 🙁

  7. Oh you're on the EU servers? I feel sorry for you. Frogster is terrible

  8. I'm not sure to be honest, I havent tried that one 😛 Let me know if you find out please, I'm interested now 😛

  9. I will have to say that WoW actually has it right with the transmog.

  10. Just saying, I went to the Trade Broker and looked for a cheap nice looking, 'useable as template' outfit (that I've owned before so i know what it looked like) to remodel the crappy-looking gear I got recently too. Found one for less than 1 gold that looked good. So you don't always have to buy the pricey templates, quite helpful! >.<

  11. This basically a transmog or transmute and yes there are other games that have something similar so get over it.

  12. Actually Guild Wars 2 has a much better version than what wow has and we can dye our armor and it's perma until you want to dye it again at anytime. And it doesn't cost anything to dye armor.

  13. i have a question. lets say you have 3 armors. A, B, and C. you made A to look like a B. now you have A(B) and C left. can you make C to look like a B?

  14. I don't understand the Dye thing, so I have to color my gear every day or once I buy the Dye Bottle I have 24h to use it?

  15. Wicked Vid..your voice is cool and easy to understand what your trying to get across so…Thanks ever so for sharing a7 keep em comin! 😉

  16. Thanks very much Kaz! Glad you enjoyed it:D

  17. Great job mate. Very clear explanation thx allot.

  18. good video helped me alot, i want to be able to see the gear on action house before purchasing it tho, is that possible? keep the good work up!

  19. Thanks, Hmm I'm not 100% sure but I don't think so 🙁

  20. Maybe if you copy the item name and search it on terawiki or something like that, i think they have previews there :b But a system that would do that in-game would be awsome, for sure ^^

  21. I totally agree, this is something they really need to put in 😛 Its too hard to look cool looking shit 😀

  22. Hey, I have a question for you, its not about this video, is more about macros. You think its possibel to creat a macro that, by pressing only one key you could take out all your crystal, cuz i find my self die alot (im quite the noob) and my crystal keep breaking :C Even tho i could just buy a new ones, they are not that expensive + moobs drop it, it would be awsome to have such a bind/macro.

  23. lol yeh man kinda. Firstly there are no macros in this game, but if you press "p" to bring up your character frame you will see 5 small boxes and a 6th that looks like a save icon at the bottom. This is used to save your gear sets. So for example, you can click number 1 and hit the save icon and it will save that gear you have on. If you then go to tab 2 and remove all your crystals and hit save then you can just use that second icon when you want to remove all your crystals 🙂

  24. Thanks for answer, i found out how to do it myself thanks anyways! CTRL right click on a item and you will see

  25. awsome, thx alot man ^^
    Keep posting more video :DDD

  26. Thanks for the tutorial! so does this game have any form of Permanent dyes?

  27. lol this was back in the beta before the changed the gold 😛 This would be the equivalent of 1400 gold now 🙂

  28. oh ok, still 1400 thats quite a bit for lvl 27 if you dont have elite

  29. lol there was no elite back then 🙂 but yeah your right, there was no point in spending stuff in the beta 😀

  30. first time i remodel i didnt know what to do and remodeled the good looking armor into the ugly looking armor

  31. hey you have any idea how to make dyes in tera ?/ and could you tell me or make a vid about it ? thanks 😉

  32. awesome tutorial! Thank you! Finally I got it all @_@

  33. Nice !! helped a lot for a nub like me on tera.
    I am just missing some sexy cloth on the vendors ..some like the Npc's have on.


  34. You are very helpful and you make great quality videos. might wanna invest in a pop filter though.

  35. Can I change the main model of clothes that I picked at the beginning?

  36. How did you get so much gold? I barely make 5 gold pieces before I spend it all on those damn purchased materials. Temporary dyes not cool, will have to see if you made that video in the end lol.

  37. Is there still a decent amount of people on tera? I was considering coming back, but I'm not sure

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