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Tera Online – Reaper Guide

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This video provides an overview on each skill of the Reaper Kit!
Special thanks to those who helped me make this video 😀
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  1. one quick thing, i played aion a while ago and was really good in pvp.. i guess reaper is one of the main pvp classes ?

  2. i'm going to play tera, and I want reaper class, but they say it's not starter class….. so maybe I'll go with Warrior, i like fast attacks, skills and movement.

  3. Anyone know the name of the remix of the SAO theme song in this video? Crossing Field is it called?

  4. Heyy is this class good for pve? I heard it sucks against pve mobs:(

  5. The older I get the less fucks I give so if I have to be a goth demon loli to use badass chaing scythes then by the old gods I will be the best goth demon loli the world has ever seen.

  6. sounds like a sword art online remix in the background..

  7. Omg… Where did you get your outfit from? It's so pretty! :OOOO

  8. I thought on the Shadow Burst he said "Shadow Breast" XD

  9. I was more focused on if the song in the background was from sao or not

  10. Ok srz, tell me what RO song you used during this video. 'CAUSE I KNOW IN MY HEAD IT'S FROM RO.

  11. How do you let your graphics look so good, when i max out my settings it's still crap even tough i got a 1080p screen

  12. my graphics are like those of a 2001 game wtf?

  13. the reaper reminds me of Kratos from God of War

  14. love the way the scythes look like wings on their back

  15. Kinda old but, you should've put the combos at the end

  16. Do I seriously have to be a tiny loli to play this class? I want to be a male.

  17. Cool. Glad to not pick this character since I have to pick the perverse loli character.
    Makes no fucking sense to bar off a class completely. -.-

  18. Omg thank you I got so confused when I played as a reaper cause I started on lvl 50 😂

  19. So reaper is like a mix between
    Mystic, Ninja, and Lancer ?

  20. Excellent video dude, i didnt know about the dash cancel!!!!

  21. Why is this world so beautiful?

  22. ok so how do I turn my character INTO a reaper?

  23. It's more than just spam spacebar.. timing,accuracy,countering, and movement is everything. If u only spamming spacebar then you're a trash reaper probably miss targets and taking damage often:)

  24. Thank you so much for such an easy-to-understand guide! It’s not often you can find such a straightforward and complete explanation of a class without a bunch of extra crap or confusing babbling ^.^;

  25. I got half a minute in and couldn't handle the lisp….

  26. I was at lvl 39 and havin doubts. Now thanks to you I know the greatness waiting for me in 20 minutes 😀

  27. Hello can you give me some costume for reaper class?! haahah thank you

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