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TERA Online – Races / Genders / Classes

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This video shows all race / gender / class combinations available for player characters in the game TERA Online. This footage was recorded during CBT5.

More footage coming soon!

All content in this video is property of En Masse Entertainment LTD, publishers of TERA Online in North America.


  1. I really dont like how they made about 4 costumes for female characters that aren't too revealing. for goodness sakes this is a game where you fighting giant monsters. a bit more armor would do you good instead sending someone out in a bikini and telling to slay some tentacled monster because that's just wrong. (before you reply this is my opinion. doesnt necessarily mean im right and youre wrong. the internet needs to learn to respect opinions so start here)

  2. Cool! You skipped the female at 4:50, unless she had no changes 🙁

  3. Bet everyone is playing Elin or most ppl anyway

  4. Why is there a class that specifies in 2h sword and one that specify in 2h axes…? Did they just make too much skills for a 2h weapon class and decided to just make two similar class or something? Lol

  5. wtf man you skipped the only one i wanted to see … the female aman… -.- fail on video thumbs down 

  6. The high elves look sick! Probably going to make a male archer when I get the game.

  7. Male humans look like they're on steroids, female humans look all right, male catsanics look really gay and the female ones all look like strippers, baraka are okay…..I guess, aman look like reptile people, high elves all look like girls even the male ones and why are they called "high" do they smoke pot or something o.O and the popori and Elin are just a joke

  8. A devil priest is quite amusing, if you think about it.

  9. Why do the High Elf males look so freaking hot! My god! (seriously, i replayed the click-through of their classes like, 10 times XD) i definitely know which race i'm gonna play as now! haha, male High Elf Slayer FTW! XD

  10. Elin Lancer's spear taller than Elin loli XD

  11. They need to make a male Elian I want to play as a shota

  12. The Elin have me questioning my boner
    They look like friggin children

  13. I always choose large male races such as Baraka and Amani (tera), Roegadyn (ff14), Galka (ff11)… I'm not sure if there're any more "big guy" races in different mmorpgs. Female Roegadyn look like She-Hulk.

  14. They should rename high elf into hot elf

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