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Tera Online Queen of Argon Dark Rifts Nexus Gameplay 01

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Yup, it’s lag fest~ Start Counting!


  1. someone tell me the nexus spawn time? after nexus ends how many hours pass to respawn

  2. lol is so stupid that tera eu is pay to play 🙁

  3. how hard are these tuned? do they scale to they # of people that show up?

    thank you for posting this

  4. Its lag from too many people. Well over 100 people were in these rifts the other night.

  5. the onyl thing i hate about tera is that they're recycling their fucking boss… It should be new bosses and new mobs-.-

  6. Better games like this cost a LOT of money to maintain. That's why most P2P MMOs are better.

  7. It's common for games to recycle mobs and npcs. If they didn't, it's much more work piled on and throw in some other things you wish were different and then a game would take twice as long to be launched.

  8. my fammily is poor and we dont have money for food you are talking for spending money on games 🙁

  9. Compared to other mmorpg too much recycling mobs and bosses.

  10. then how can you afford to post a youtube comment on the internet, you can afford the internet and a computer…..but no food??

  11. i go and use computer in my friend house

  12. If your family is poor and has no food, why do you guys have internet connection? ._. Shouldn't food be a little more important?

  13. lol nexus looks really bad… I was hoping for something more xD Rift's rifts are much better. not even to mention dynamic events in gw2. in Tera, are they just going to spawn mobs that stand there randomly with no purpose waiting to get killed? or will they atttack npcs/towns/DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL? xD

  14. They would if they could, but TERA's cities are larger than you think. That would be too laggy to even attempt.

  15. then why not optimize the game and it must have smaller outposts? its not ALL giant cities? it just seems pointless to have nexus if its just… this. seems like something they put into it at the very end of development because other games started using dynamic events :/

  16. Well, games were using dynamic events far longer than GW2. Just because GW2 will have dynamic events DOESN'T make it the better game, either (In my opinion, GW2's combat looks pretty boring and is just run around your target while you auto-attack it, like Xenoblade). The game can barely host this many characters + monsters at the same time, how do you think it will be able to load "dynamic event" monsters, the city, AND the players? Exactly, it can't… The game is too big to host all of that…

  17. I have no idea either. Maybe it's like Mabinogi where whoever hits it first or does the most his gets the loot/final kill.

  18. I love the gw2 combat its very fast paced compared to Tera. I think gw2 improves dynamic events, maybe even perfected them. 🙂 I doubt its too BIG to host them, then they should have built the game differently so that it could. it seems like a bad excuse for not making the gameplay interesting

  19. Uhm, I don't think the combat is fast-paced. In GW2 it just looks like you run around and auto-attack. Doesn't really look appealing to me, and no, I doubt they perfected them. The game is too big to host anything like dynamic events (even physics). God, play the game before you make uneducated statements.

  20. They're ugly, Elin rules the Asian servers. Elin is the Master Race.

  21. I think it's very lazy of them to not bother with their questing system AT ALL in Tera. its like.. not even as good as WoW. not variation. hope they fix it with new content. maybe it is too big to make dynamic events but they should have thought of it, or some other interesting way to quest before building up the game. gw2 is flooded with events and all kinds of stuff happening and they dont have any problems hosting it. saying that gw2 is just auto-attack makes YOU look uneducated.

  22. and why the release has been moved from gw2? is probably not so perfeckt 😉

  23. moving the release has nothing to do with it being perfect. and it isnt perfect no. but it does have everything I love and want in an mmorpg and I shall enjoy it very much. the game IS overhyped but that it's all fan based hype. nothing to do with arenanet. The game is not for everyones taste. that's fine. Don't called it WAR because all they have in common is DE's. and WAR's DE's are like the Heart Quests n gw2. not like gw2's much evolved and interactive dynamic events. know the difference 😉

  24. how can you know there is no pve content? rofl its not released yet, and you have gw2 videos from YEARS AGO? you couldnt play it years ago xD its fine that you dont like the game but please dont make up stupid lies. its good that you fight gates in gw2 in wvw, its a part of taking over a keep. much like in medieval times? ever watched lotr? where they try to hold the gates. I thinkthe pve content and replayability is one of the strongest assets og gw2. 5 dif starter areas, its huge. like gw1

  25. anyways. its useless defending gw2 against lies and slander on a Tera video. xD I should know this by now. I do love Tera btw. its a good game, so is gw2. they have each their pros and cons.

  26. Have you even played the latest Beta weekend event? It sure in hell doesn't sound like it, because you seem to not have a damn clue of what you are talking about when it comes to Guild Wars 2. LRN2betterresearch or play the damn beta!

  27. Nexus looks like Guild Wars 2's dynamic events. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!! Dynamic Events are fun as hell in GW2! Also there is more to it than "Just fighting a boss". There are actual escorts/quest lines that lead up to em! AND you get decent rewards and some kind of tokens (can't remember the name of em) that you get for how well you did during the event! I am hoping Tera Online has the type of DE's like in GW2! Both are going to be fun! An d only 1 sub fee! I can play BOTH!!

  28. Hey Step, awesome video. Do you mind if we ask for the specs of your computer? I'm already guessing that its top end since you can Nexus + record at the same time.

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