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Tera Online Queen of Argon Balder’s Temple Hard Mode Guardian Artifact Final Boss

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Queen of Argon New Instance Content~


  1. Damn love your TERA vids. And what's that bar under his health? Rage meter ?

  2. tanking in this game is incredibly engaging and requires a lot of skill and good timing

  3. @Thiora And if you're not good at it it drives you crazy lol

  4. can you choose the glow color on the weapons? or is it random?

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  6. @klop516 Yea.. the game won't go free brah.

  7. Wow, it got pitch black at the end. Nasty fight.

  8. @BJK00 its legit, i got it in my e-mail but i cancelled my pre order for tera and pre ordered gw2 so i didnt need it anymore, plus they are giving out keys on mmorpg

  9. Why would anyone cancel their pre-order for Tera?? You crazy, little boy!!

  10. wow what an intense and original fight! how do you target ur party members for healing when it gets that dark? grats to all of you for the kill!

  11. @xplicitmike

    Yes everything is targeted including healing. Its a great game. Very unique for an MMO (Monster Hunter has done this style for awhile now) but cant wait to play it.

  12. @PaperJedi healing is more aoe than target, there's one target heal and it's super inefficient with really high aggro.

  13. @PaperJedi large majority of skills in this game are not target but aim based aoe and conical attack/skills.It just happens that the best heal a mystic has is their lock-on, unless you know how to use the thrall of life properly. the priest on the other hand has a large amount of Aoe heals and a single lock-on heal.

    When it gets dark you have to use the minimap or compass to get an idea of where they are and hope your heal locks-on to them. DPS is diff. u can still c the boss easy enough to aim

  14. Back to alt-tab mmos, good for you…more Tera online for rest of us…

  15. Wow… people say this requires skill if this was dark souls everyone would have been one shotted for standing in such telegraphed attacks

  16. yes but this is tera not dark souls, the challenging aspect only appeals to a small demographic; there are already ppl saying tera is too hard (lol). There are also a large amount of ppl who start fights because they died once in a dungeon, you can't really say they'd enjoy dark souls now can you?

    and this game is still a skill required game, you have to aim, time your skills and manage mana while maximizing efficiency.
    basically Dark soul = hard core RP/PvE
    TERA = Hard core fast pace PVP/ PvE

  17. yeah monsters act differently when they are low on health. In this case the room became pitch black 😛

  18. this game
    guild wars 2
    and the secret world
    i guess i don't have a family anymore

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