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Tera Online pServer TERA Shock (Client Version 1732)

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Server files and Links updated: 12.10.2020
Video and Files can have some differences, but not much!
Configuration is almost the same as in the video, or not needed for local use!
For everything else read the damn _readme.txt 😉
Have fun!

Original Tera-Shock Thread:

GameClient: (updated: 02.03.2021, Client & Server)

Server: (link update: 6.2.2021)
Changes: read the _changelog.txt file
Config: read the _readme.txt file


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  2. Please make a video with gm and typing commands

  3. I followed all the steps, I managed to get into the game, but it appears to me that I can't enter the server, 🙁 hehehe it's impossible for me, maybe try in another pc

  4. Hi! 1stens vielen Dank für das Tutorial, aber bei meinem Spiel bleibt der Screen Schwarz nachdem kurzen intro video? Irgendeine Idee?

  5. Hi I serverlist.en changed it. i am connecting server. but my friend can't connect via lan.

    "can't connect server" says. I don't know where to change yet. can you help visually

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <category sort="1"><![CDATA[<font color="#ffffff">PVE</font>]]></category>
    <name raw_name="Tera – Serenity PvE"><![CDATA[<font color="#ffffff">Serenity Alpha PvE</font><info icon="null", text="Standard PVE Test Server" />]]></name>
    <crowdness sort="1"><![CDATA[<font color="#ffffff">No</font>]]></crowdness>
    <open sort="1"><![CDATA[<font color="#ffffff">Normal</font>]]></open>
    <popup><![CDATA[Unable to access the server at this time.]]></popup>
    <category sort="2"><![CDATA[<font color="#ffffff">PVP</font>]]></category>
    <name raw_name="Tera – Serenity PvP"><![CDATA[<font color="#ffffff">Serenity Alpha PVP</font><info icon="null", text="Standard PVP Test Server" />]]></name>
    <crowdness sort="2"><![CDATA[<font color="#ffffff">No</font>]]></crowdness>
    <open sort="2"><![CDATA[<font color="#ffffff">Normal</font>]]></open>
    <popup><![CDATA[Unable to access the server at this time.]]></popup>



    "LauncherTitle": "{NeoLauncher}",

    "LauncherVersion": "0.7.3",

    "LauncherBuild": "Serenity",

    "Theme": "DARK",

    "PrimaryColor": "0x212121",

    "DarkPrimaryColor": "0x6A5ACD",

    "LightPrimaryColor": "0x6A5ACD",

    "AccentColor": "0xFFF976",

    "TextColor": "0x6A5ACD",

    "LanguageID": 0,

    "UseAuth": true,

    "WebServerUrl": "",

    "ServerListDirectory": "/server/",

    "ServerListFile": "serverlist",

    "CryptMode": "md5"


  6. Hello, when I try to login game for the first time, the game does not launch. Instead I get an error. "endPopup(4294967295) Serverlist Error! Language Problem with ServerList File!" Any help would be appreciated.

  7. Hi! When my friend and I join the game, I can't see him. The char is hidden just like in your video. I hear the sounds he makes and see the marking on the GPS but I can't see the character. Can you help us?

  8. so, i managed to get everything to work except the gameserver…followed all the instructions but when i double click the start_gameserver.bat file the prompt screen only shows up for a split second and immediately closes again…help is needed

  9. Hey friends, can the update now bring up other character players?

  10. Updated all files today, 20.10.2020
    for anything you need to know read the _readme.txt file and you should go along in less than 5 minutes…
    !!!!! Just 1 line missed in _readme.txt … When setting JAVA_HOME click at the PATH variable and add: %JAVA_HOME%bin !!!!!

    Have fun playing!

  11. neolauncher not start when i open can you help me?

  12. If I wanted to play this with my friend (lanplay) be are both using wireless cards off the same router… Would i just copy over the clinet and have them register a screen name and play off the client?

  13. Gameclient Mirror is incomplete.
    Only parts 1, 4, 7, 8, 11, 24, 25 are up

  14. Hey could u add me on discord or something? I did install ur files and such but the server files seem to not work idk why. I'll just login to the game without auth confirmed and when servers appear ingame, I click and nothing happens and if I refresh they just disappear somehow.. Really weird problem, at first I thought it might by my ports or smth but everything is opened and correct so idk.

  15. Hi, P5yl0!
    First, I would like to congratulate you on your amazing work. I have read several topics on RageZone about Tera and consequently many of your contributions to server development. I downloaded the files you shared here and I'd like to know how far you can actually go by following the game's history – quests, regions… Is it possible to use this emulator for entertainment for a long time or in the current state would we still quickly reach a dead end?

  16. Hi, P5yl0!
    I've managed to start the server and the game, using your guide.
    However, the game stops at the black screen with the wind sound after the intro video.
    Do you have any idea why? Or how can I solve this?

    Thank you for your answer in advance:)

  17. Hi,
    Im lvl 30+ now and I've noticed that almost no mobs giving any loot outside the Island of Dawn and there are no any dungeons (lack of teleporters). Is there a way to fix this?
    Otherwise the game is beautiful and the experience, feeling is awsome, but after a time it gets a bit empty without the things I've just mentioned.
    Anyone any suggestions?

  18. this is old final version?for levelup instant 70?

  19. Can I use these files to open a private server with lots of players?

  20. Hey could you please tell me how to use GM commands. I read the readme file and have set access to 100 and isGm to 1 but how do you use the commands? Do you type it in chat or in one of the window terminals? Can you give me an example of a working Gm command and how to use it? I should be able to figure out the rest. Thanks!

  21. Bien hecho espero q sigas haciendo vídeos actualizando el server y el cliente a medida q va saliendo

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