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Tera Online PS4 beta gameplay

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  1. question, do you know if this is cross platform with pc?

  2. Add me on PS4 for guild str8_monster_x Nice vid

  3. And immediately I see the 1st cliche of pretty much every MMO these days have:

    Female characters get no armor whatsoever and are dressed like sluts.

  4. Looks like a mobile arpg for consoles. xD
    Tried it out and i can say that 49 gb for this?! Are they nuts? No graphics, no physics, no cool spell effects, characters looks like lumbers…. Gaaaarbaaage.

  5. My god this game very bad i know many mobile game better than this shit..

  6. Are flying mounts already available on the ps4 version?

  7. Typical Japanese style big tits and a six pack. Weapons the size of a skyscraper and cartoony skin magical powers and flying through the air for 20 minutes kicking.

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