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Tera Online PS4 | Aman Sorcerer Gameplay Part 1 – (PS4 Pro HD)

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  1. I hope you all enjoy this, I had a blast. Cant wait for next stream!!!

  2. The whole anya thing around 1 hr was painful to watch, cause its on that big minimap on your screen.

  3. my friend is on nat type 3. will he be having any connection problems?

  4. lol so glad i picked brawler instead of mage, hope Valkyrie comes out soon

  5. How did you manage to download this game on ps4?

  6. Are you planning on playing more of this? 🙂

  7. Finally found someone that's playing a Sorcerer as an Aman. I keep seeing people play Elin or castonic…. I thought maybe I picked the wrong race. I'll be watching. Good video !!

  8. Ty and anyone know how to save the game 😅 on Xbox one

  9. it took you so long to figure basic shit out lol…. use your mini map

  10. 25:54 pvp server not good, any1 can PK u anywhere mess with u when ur questing, maybe not in beginner area but later on for sure, i played it years ago and i tried pvp server once and then i said no thx i am out don't like to be surround by dick players 😀

  11. You make money from donations from viewers too

  12. heyo, you are a good player tbh and I watched your video because I am trying to create another character and I was curious about the sorcerer. Indeed that lightning is fiire! I know you made this video in 2018, but any chance you wanna play some more? There are new things. Hit me up if you wanna play 🙂

  13. The other classes are only playable as sertion races

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