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Tera Online Ps3 Controller Test

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Testing Ps3 Controller on Tera Online PC.

A few tips.


  1. Can you help me? My analog sticks don't work for some reason.

  2. Thanks for posting this Reltdeats. But I have a question, I'm about to buy the Logitech F310 gamepad, mostly because it resembles the PS3 controller. But have you tried it out ?

  3. Dont worry, the controller will work fine. Maybe you have to configure it to match all the buttons in the ingame menu. Tera have support for PC controllers + PS3/Xbox360 Controllers.

  4. yes I can, how do you connect the PS3 comtroller? Are u using the motionjoy driver? if u are, select the xbox360 profile or download the custom profile for tera in American Tera oficial en masse forum.

  5. Thanks for both, the quick reply and the answer.

  6. can you tell me the configure setting you had to allow you to move with the left analog stick and to move the map with ur right analog stick please?

  7. Ist das ein reines Online Spiel??
    Oder gibt es auch eine Einzelspieler Kampagne??

  8. I have a Logitech F310 and it is excellent although the triggers are a bit stiff

  9. When using an xbox 360 controller, pushing the back button brings up the in game controller configuration menu, would you know how to do that via keyboard? Like the keyboard shortcut for it? I've pushed every button and no luck :/

  10. I found it, apparently the code is /controller….go figure…Facepalm

  11. when u install ur ps3 controller was the setting like that?

  12. thanks i use motionjoy but i select xbox360 the stick didn't work and ps3 same problem then i select ( custom ) the stick work 🙂

    and i change some movemint from motionjoy becase in the game i cant change i try didn't work

    and sorry my english not good ,,

  13. Right analog doesn't work for me, anyone know the issue?

  14. is it harder to play it on controller than keyboard or harder?

  15. Hola perdona, tengo un problema al intentar configurar mi mando ya que no puedo decidir donde quiero poner mis ataques y tampoco me funcionan los joisticks 🙁 tengo un mando de ps3 y simplemente lo que he echo ha sido conectarlo con el cable tipico de cargarlo en la play. Tampoco puedo girar la camara para apuntar mejor >.<

  16. can you give us a tutorial on how you have everything configured the way your playing on this video.You don't need to talk just show slowly and use text if you want us to see something important. Thank you please do or let me know if u can do it for me via teamviewer cuz im very new to pc gaming

  17. how do I get the ps3 controller to work on…… when I plug it up it says game controller on tera but I cant move or do anything and the controller flashes??? please help

  18. my ps3 controller is strange i cant move the camera freely …

  19. mine is weird, it switched the d-pad and the left analog stick, so now im wondering how to change this?

  20. everything works fine on my character select screen in tera, but when i enter the game my X O triangle and square does not along with my R 1&2 and my L 1&2, can anybody tell me how to fix this? or if they had the same problem?

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