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Tera Online Promotion Video HD

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  1. i dont like games wich steals from other mmorpg. Lineage and aion they r way better than this parody…..

  2. @CanadianHarmony im looking forward to kick panda's ass when they come pff panda's chase em out of the game!

  3. @CanadianHarmony actually wow is not going in the wrong way cuz of the Panda, it turned on the wrong way after BC, blizzard wanted to maximize the number of players, even if the game turned out to get boring, too easy, or one sided. Something new is always good, and if it can be interesting and fun through more years, its called a good game.

  4. This game is so much fun… 15 hours logged in 1 day wut? That's what happens when I have 1 day of beta left.

  5. So go play Lineage and Aion… and GTFO OF TERA.

  6. unfortunately they have to maintain the servers and such, which costs money 😛 guild wars gets away with it since most of it is instance i assume. so the costs aren't as demanding.

  7. @superSinger10 I hate aion so much is not better with nothing!!! NOTHING U FALLASS

  8. This game looks promising, but I have to say I am alittle tired of super skinny girls in video games now. I want at least the option to go fat or muscular. For instance the female barbar in Diablo 3 is starting to look like a real warrior. Probably gonna go male in this game if ALL the women have to be skinny:/

  9. Just played it. It has SO MUCH sexual appeal, omg… But the game itself is not that good. Just another slasher. Worse than most actually. Nothing new.

  10. if only this was free, hard to find a good MMO with satisfying combat, examples are DC Universe Online-basically the ones where u can use ur mouse to fight

  11. play the beta for free while it still is awesome, they are starting to ruin the game. sign up on there wbsite and type terabeta

  12. im a say something cuss i want to :). to all the haters realize this gaming believe it or not is an art form and all art is inspired from within or the world so if an artist sees something they feel they want to recreate they will . 2 gaming is an industry so it needs to make mony one way or another and you ALWAYS get what you pay for weather it be with time (f2p-so many o.o), mony (p2p-TERA), or little of both (b2p-GW2)

  13. every game is different just like every art piece before you go judging someone else's creation first try to see what they do in it if you don't want to then go make something yourself see how difficult it is. before you judge it ask yourself this if an artist makes a painting of a photo of a tree would you call it a clone since the original art piece was the photo …

  14. it is good game…especially wow players should give a try. it felt like vanillia wow to me i dont know why :))

  15. Im sorry to bust your world, but WoW is an Everquest 1 wannabe (lets not forget that EQ2 released prior to WoW aswell). And if we base it on the setting/genre we might aswell put Ultima Online into the equation. If we base it on play style we can call it an Anarchy Online wannabe…. I can go on and on and on, but perhaps someone else would want to take over. Point being: WoW is absolutely not the first one out there and not even in the fantasy genre.

  16. gw2 is without monthly fee -> never gonna buy tera + paying 15 euro a month (or whatever is the amount), when i believe gw2 will be the better game (just guessing)

  17. I'd rather pay for an amazing game then buy a mediocre game. TERA being amazing, GW2 being mediocre. If you are going to skip over a game because of it's monthly fee you shouldn't be playing MMOs at all as far as I'm concerned, and since the GW2 beta.. I think we can already tell which is the better game.. and did I mention NCSoft tried suing En Masse because they "stole developers" – Sounds like they didn't want the game released at all. Too bad they lost their case and the game is released.

  18. Obviously you never made it past level 11. It really is a shame that atleast 1 person will read your comment and actually skip over this game because of it.. but hey, it's their loss. You need to play a game and get to ATLEAST half way to through the level cap before you can judge a game, especially the way you're trying to.

  19. why? if i don´t like it why should i play half way through it? If a game isn´t fascinating me in the first few hours, i deinstall it and try another game. Playing it half the way through would be a waste of time. WOW did fascinate me, hope Tera will do. Swtor was a waste of money for me. Not every game fits everyone^^ sry for my weird english and greetings from germany MrEvil 😉

  20. If you don't like the art style, graphics or whatever then you don't play half way through. But all he is doing is whining about the quests, which change and become ALOT better at level 11 onward.

  21. am I the only one who would like realistic surreal MMO without GIANT swords and naked women wearing the "armor"?

  22. I first saw this game in a video by angry joe and i am quite interested in it but can it work well enough on a laptop or is it a must on pc?

  23. You need a really good laptop to play it.. Like XPS good. You can use an xbox controller too ;x its really fun

  24. AN xps, thx allot, this is the info i mostly needed!:)

  25. i got it lvl 42 warrior. its pretty BA but i hope there's more content to come other then caping…

  26. Is it wow + climbing on walls or what, why should I buy it?

  27. i thought it was free. Or wait maybe im thinking of something else.

  28. at least someone out there is competing against Blizzard. Blizz has their days, they're still the best now doubts, but they are too money-centric. Who can blame them?

  29. I'm going to have to try this sooner or later, it looks so awesome!
    But are there battlegrounds in the game? Like; pitting two factions of players together for mass pvp? Ever since WoW Cataclysm i've almost been a pvp junkie 😀

  30. matter of preference. I liked wow when i played it.

  31. There is, I can't remember how many players it's up till for now, I do know you can play a raid with up to 900 players + though, which should be really epic, as far as I know.. Though They're emplenting battlegrounds later on, they're almost done with it I think.. You can battle guilds versus guilds now, (I believe) or later on, Definetely a great game 🙂

  32. Look guys, and look good, for this is the only Tera video in which you'll see male characters.

  33. Guild of wars 2 is better, I dropped my subscription for Terra.
    Monthly fees are shit

  34. To be honest – WoW is outdated. Sure, it's an amazing game with a ridiculous amount of playability, but it's been and gone now. Alot of new Fantasy MMORPG's rely on their graphics for an immersive experience. (Or am I the only one who plays games in order to be immersed as opposed to passing time?)

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