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TERA ONLINE – Private Server: OnTera Gameplay Test – Max 1080p

きつね しゃん
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Just few minutes testing this private server.
There are a lot of lag and is buggy like everyone could imagine because the game is kinda new. But isn’t so bad at all if you want just test, explore and have some fun ;). And, asides of the huge lag, there are already a lot of things implemented. So just try by yourself.

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  1. well games that has a lot of items u need to purchase kinda sux. i don't have too much against them tho, most games are like that. but tera could have been like gw2. that u only needed to pay for it once and then u had the game forever. how long do u think it will take before tera becomes f2p (if it even will)?:)

  2. Jesli na tym serverze Tera gra jakis polak prosze o kantakt na skypie kurenai430!!!! konieczne

  3. Grant permissions to modify that file (search on Google how to do that, isnt hard), then run the launcher as administrator.

  4. That doesnt matter, you need grant full permissions. Doesnt matter even if youa re administrator of the PC. You can test that trying to modify that file manually and trying to save. It will give you an error saying that you havent rights to modify that file. Thats why you need to grant them.

    If you still get the same error and you are sure you have all rights to modify that file then something is wrong with your Windows.

  5. Why Does it say server's offline on the webpage???

  6. Do you have to pay for playing on private servers? Or is it like WoW? Cause then I will buy Tera if it's free. Please respond, thanks in advance!

  7. Private Servers are f2p. Donating is optional.

  8. ikr, the torrent is so slow and this server is offline since a lot of time :/
    we better move and search a different alternative

  9. ehm since i wnet to this site i cant make me an account at the real tera cause every time i want to make an account my internet brings me to the private server does naybody had the problem too an can help me?

  10. This isnt a problem at all. When you use onTera launcher, it overwrites your host file so the client cant never conects to the official Tera website. Just edit your host file with notepad and delete the entries related to Tera. The host file is located on C>Windows>System32>Drivers>etc

  11. yes. You should check that before downloading the game on website, sorry :/

  12. Hey Kitsune how is the status on the server now? I tried playing a few months ago and it was kinda buggy… Is it better now and more players?

  13. If you check the video there is an annotation that says that the sever is down. I dont know when they have plans to open again lol. The last time I played they improved a lot of stuff, no lag with 500 players, a lot of quests added and all teleporters working. But now… is down since some months :/

    I will make a new video for a new pserver better than this one, I just want to test a little more to see how good is so people dont get mad at me if doesnt work like if were my fault lol.

  14. aw I see, ok ill keep checking up your vids for an update thanks

  15. Go play official Tera now that is free, no sense on playing private servers now. This video is OLD, when Tera wasnt f2p :B

  16. it says something about country restriction, i live in united arab emirates any way to fix this? pls?!!!

  17. You should ask that on the official Tera forum. But seeing what you wrote, I guess you can't play in your country :/
    Try using some kind of software that changes your IP for the one from other country 😉

  18. can you tell me how I can get on an american server? It doesnt say which server is which! help me! D:

  19. Just download the NA client instead of the European one.

  20. Hi, i just wanna ask does Tera online can play at malaysia ?
    Cause i just download the TERA RISING but wat happen is when i login it says User Authentication Failed..
    can someone reply me asap ?

  21. I recoomend you to search for some software to change your IP. Then use an European or North American one depending of the client that you downloaded. I can't remember the name of softwares like that right now, but they do exist and works. Just Google it,you will find it easily. Good luck!

  22. What's the difference between playing in private server or regular server?

  23. Can someone help me i have error ffff:ffff and i cant enter in the game please, this is an emergency red alert for me Q_Q. i need to know what i have to do excatly, and how.

  24. Check it. This video is 1 year old. I do not play it anymore since Tera is now f2p.

  25. yea would be nice.. the original tera have so expensive stuff.. its rly hard to get items if u're not paying for game also dmg of attackers could be made better and stronger tho. It is hard to go as warrior with crappy set/weapon and even if u have good enough killing is just stupid and boring.. u have to spend like half hour or so to kill a boss! ! yeah thats how long it takes to deal with it. I think it may not be hard if u have ur friends or party but if u're alone playing as a warrior with such dramatically low dmg is intense and makes no sense.

  26. Is it still working..?..need an immediate answer..thanks 

  27. What is this shit, you did not test ANYTHING , you just looked at the quest log and wandered at the first zone, is this what you call a ,,gameplay,, test ???

  28. When I click on the link to account creation , I came across a strange page with pubs and redirection to other links but not the link to the game : 3

  29. Tera is free, why would you play in a private server?

  30. Novo servidor de TERA CLASSIC Free to Play
    Novo que nem domínio o adm colocou ainda pois está criando novo site, mas ja esta aberto ao público com página de registro.
    Client e Launcher no MEGA, usem o Mega Downloader 1.7 para burlar limitação do mega e acelerar.

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