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TERA Online – Popori Emotes and other nonsense

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A short clip from the footage I took at the Frogster offices in Berlin of their forthcoming MMO, TERA Online.


  1. difference is… GW2 fans are on a quest to troll around in TERA videos, while TERA fans don't need to troll around in GW2 videos because we're perfectly happy being able to play already as opposed to trying to quench our excitement by bashing somebody else's favorite game.

  2. Wait, is this TERA or WoW? Sorry, I can't tell the difference.

  3. I will definitely try out the Popori, but I may use a boring Human as my first character.

  4. That was the worst attempt at trolling I've ever seen.

  5. Except that they're both extremely different. If you can't tell the difference you're incredibly blind.

  6. Ill tell you what the shadows in this game look amazing ! When you look at the likes of Skyrim and Wow the shadows are crap

  7. GW2 and Tera are both total shit! Compared to GW:Tera, it would involve everyone being popori in GW2. :3 <3

  8. Why is the customers arguing over which game that's better? Shouldn't it be the game developers who's arguing?

  9. Because Tera is not a good game, even in Korea people don´t play it, Aion number 1 in Korea over than more of 40 servers and Tera has 5 servers, That says a lot. GW2 I think is more for the ocidental taste, Tera is a game with to much Asian feeling.

  10. Especially since one is free after buying it. It's not that difficult to play both, since they're both amazing.

  11. perfectly put. Im personally gonna play tera but ill surely play gw2 if my friends tell me its worth playing as they know what games i like to play. looking forward to playing it as i didnt get to play the beta

  12. Sometimes I wonder if Asia has the same feeling towards Western MMOs…. Too much Western feeling. Coz I know I do.

  13. I have Just played both of these games and i will say, they both have there pros and cons and because of that i will be playing both without a doubt.

  14. Tera
    good: Combat, graphics
    bad: questing, grinding, story

  15. Guild wars is better because it has no grinding and no monthly fee

  16. I'm gonna play Tera while I wait for Guild Wars 2…that works =)

  17. btw narrator the beavers/panda mix as you call it lol is called a ferret:)

  18. Haha good one, but i've seen many TERA fanboys troll on GW2 vids.

  19. Really hope so since I don't have anything against TERA, or GW2 for that matter. 😉

  20. It is not actually chinese, if you don't know don't post, it's Korean.

  21. This guy really does not know his animals or proper races names…

  22. Ah popori. Made one on first US Tera Beta. Then another on every other. Then my first and main popori on live. Mine looks like a chubby fox =)

  23. Well, now is F2P! I hope TB makes a new video about this "Tera Rising".

  24. Two popular races, "the half naked elf chicks and then there's the angry beaver…dog… hybrid… mutation"
    I couldn't sum that up better 😀

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