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Tera Online: Popori Character Creation

The Bearded Brit
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So these guys are basically cute as hell animal fellas, my personal favorite is the cat skin 😀 but there is a huge range of other animals to choose from.


  1. I know lol they are soooooo awesome !!

  2. every time you laughed i just had to laugh ( awsome video ! ) 😀
    btw popori's are awsome

  3. Oh my gosh that kitty is SO cute!!

    I'd want to play as one but I don't really like the manly voices XD (I know they're male but if they had something boyish or feminine sounding it could almost pass for female lol)

  4. Have you tried Guild wars 2? You seem to enjoy customizing a cat, so you might want to check it out.

  5. my pc run this game
    intel dual core 2.50ghz
    2gb ram

  6. Love your commentary on those little creatures! <3

  7. Only problem with the char is the head dosent match the body….

  8. calling it fine, I understand once sense of it being fine…but its not okay and not really fine whenever there is ever a race that wont let you play its other gender…it makes no sense at all.

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