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Tera Online Ping Test – Low Ping

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Just recording some videos showng the effect on Tera Online on how much Ping matters, and it truly does.

Showing some gameplay from Warior & Sorcerer, you will notice that the attack speed and responsiveness is beyoind much better.

This video I play on the EU server ~40 ms in ping.

If fraps worked on the korean client ( it works time to time, just random gamble due gameguard ) things would been recorded with the same settings, however it did not so sorry for quality & fps differences.

( yes client is using the korean elin files, I couldn’t care less for there censored armors )


  1. 1000ms = 1 second so 100ms = 0.1 seconds. Hope this helps out.

  2. Is there any chance you can give yourself like a latency of 180-200ish on EU? I wondered how much that would effect it compared to the 400 in the other one. I am from EU and want to play on NA server with friends and that's around ping I get.

  3. @Jamesns Can't but lets just say this, the more the ping, the worse dps you will do, the harder it will be to dodge skills, every 1 extra ms will make it worser for you, and you won't be able to competite like those who have over 100 below you.

  4. I'm beginning to wonder if I can even succeed in Tera, being Oceanic I get 400 to EU and 300 to NA and either way I'm pretty much screwed.
    Even with a slow class like Beserker, you'd think that slow and powerful would be fitting but the horrors of being slow originally – then being even slower take its toll.

    You think they'd make these kind of things client sided to prevent this…

  5. is there a huge difference between 120 ms and 40 ms? thinking about hopping to NA servers, where i ping 120, because eu sucks ass.

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