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Tera Online Pets Tutorial with Commentary

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Tera Online Pets with Commentary

This video guide/tutorial explains, with commentary, everything you need to know about Pets in the Tera Online. I go over what pets are, what they do, and how to get one in game.

This is only one of my guides on Tera Online, I have a guide/tutorial for pretty much everything Tera, so check out my channel if you want to see more Tera Online PvP. PvE, and Tutorial content!

*B33po has informed me that you can also get the cheaper pet free by doing a story quest within the city. Its just before you start the Elin Story Quest*

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  1. isnt possible make a private shop on this game??? omg i hope no QQ

  2. These are private shops pretty much, however they are going to be taken out before release.

  3. Thats why they are taking them out probably 🙂

  4. Haha thanks 🙂 Yeh man, not long now 😀

  5. Yes there is a ff14 MMORPG, but its not that good

  6. Are these Pets affected by Phasing? such as switching Channels to farm/do Dungeons whilst pet is in another Channel advertising.

    Good work man, really Informative Videos!

  7. Thanks man! I'm not sure to be honest, I dont think so, but it doesnt matter anymore 🙁 as they been taken out the game 🙁

  8. Thanks man 😀 Nuh they don't walk or anything they were just used as shops, sadly they have been removed from the game. so now they have no use 🙁

  9. 🙂 Maybe you could make videos about the latest patches of Korea and the upcoming

  10. Yeh man, I just hit level 60 and now I'm going in to hardcore video mode 😛 Expect a lot of videos soon 😀

  11. Thanks for all the guides, great explanation

  12. That would be soo good lol I hope they change them to be like that 😀

  13. They did remove them, but it was only because they upgraded the broker to be more of a central hub for buying and selling 🙂

  14. It was cool IMO but I see why they took them out and the new broker system is amazing!

  15. i don t know if anyone said this already but this just like in lineage 2 with private shops soo. not a new thing.

  16. Yeh man 🙂 never played it, but wish I did 😀

  17. Ugh. Personal shops are the cancer of public areas in MMO's.. Nothing worse than going through town and being cluttered by 400 "things".. be it stalls/ statues/ funny looking cats with messages "WTS mats.. WTS warrior gear" .. My gods man, have an auction mall already and lets people enjoy the game

  18. lol they took the pets out man, so your hope have been answered 🙂

  19. Its amazing to see the closed beta!

  20. god im so happy they took this out. personal shops are always a laggfest and you never find what yr looking for

  21. I would train the Asian, Elf girl to do other things hehe >:3
    Bow Chika Bow Wow

  22. Didnt cost a lot but they are not in the game anymore 🙁 they removed them.

  23. Im wondering the same thing. How does one make that much money so easily?

  24. lol this was in the beta when the money was different, this is the equivalent to 1.8k gold now 🙂

  25. Why would they remove these yet so many people love them?!

  26. April 11th! They are making a come back!

  27. Haha I am working on a video now about them 😀

  28. thanks man your videos r always straight forward n helpful, i just recently only found out about tera n im playing it now i seriously dont kno where it was its awesome..

  29. Where why central buy food for the pets?

  30. yet another guy playing a broad , wtf is wrong with men today

  31. Thanks! This helped me! Im Unifox. Friend me 😀 and Invite me into my party 😀

  32. What is the minimum level for getting a pet ?

  33. WTF… did any one else seen that horse go across the screen at 4:06

  34. now is 2016 and i want this pet shop in-game !!!!!!!!!!!

  35. WHAT about ps4 pets how to feed them etc how to keep them auto looting etc

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