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Tera Online OST – City Music Pora Elinu

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All credit goes to Bluehole Studios for the making of this music.


  1. This game looks so epic that it hurts waiting. I can say this after playing 5 years of WoW, that this game makes me literally think WoW looks like shit. JUST by watching a video of the gameplay.

  2. @ZoeHannahan If you buy the retail collectors of NA Tera or EU Tera you get the OST ^ ^

  3. Played the beta all weekend. Im blown away by the awesomeness in this game.

  4. Say this again apart from the huge fail it is

  5. A beautiful accompaniment to a beautiful game . . . if you haven't played Tera before.  🙂

  6. this song make me cry it's so beautiful,Elin reaper + 12 here, hugs to all my Elin sisters, i love Tera!

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