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TERA Online Official Trailer HD

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TERA Online Official Trailer HD


  1. Oh wait.. when I saw this costs money, DON'T BUY IT! You can rather download Runes of Magic for free.

  2. Oh wow, it has fucking pandas, is everyone running out of ideas or something?

  3. After watching the trailer i feel like going to youjizz

  4. Looks awful to me, played almost every MMO out there, this one isnt going to be added to the list, never see anything so obviously superficial and bland in a trailer before.

  5. its looks like aion:3 yay!as long as this isnt like wow ill play it:)

  6. how much do you have to pay for it i am a world of warcraft player i love that game i now some of you dont like it but this does kinda look good

  7. i will allso buy it (just after i get rakata gear in star wars the old republic) it looks epic with nice chicks 😀

  8. yup but they also have Great affordable deals

  9. It looks exactly like wow, just with better graphics. I'll pass.

  10. SAO best anime ever, downloading this game right now. Going to name my character Kirito 😀

  11. kinda remembers me of wow and aion, but soooooooo much cooler, but just a question – are the ppl cool? a mmorpg depends alot on the ppl who play it…

  12. I see the women in game have the traditional online game style full body armor

  13. Tits and flying unicorns, what more could you ask for?

  14. So its about an old man who imagines chicks with big tits , pandas , elfs , orcs , wolfs , big white bears that looks like Urgot and those tree – like guys from Lord of the Rings? Cool old man.

  15. lol thats why im looking for a new game like that once they really make that game the world will be a better place

  16. E ainda dizem que isso é melhor que World of Warcraft!!! XD

  17. No gameplay and just a bunch of fan service seems to rather be counter productive for TERA in this trailer. Then again it is an East Asian MMORPG and I still enjoy the game even with all the sexualization of both genders.

  18. when it said blue hole I thought it said butthole

  19. foda foda. … foda no gráfico foda na jogabilidade foda nas skill foda nas classes foda nas armas. simplesmente genial

  20. first couple of seconds into the trailer: BOOOM TITTIES IN YOUR FACE!

  21. this game changed my life. thanks for the creators

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