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Tera Online / Nexus Nostalgia

Alex Mc
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One of the last things I wanted to with this Classic Server,is to record a Nexus run.

I took the chance to write some sort of guide for it – all for nostalgia’s sake of course 😀

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Recorded On:11/03/2019
Recording Program Used:nVidia Shadowplay(Beta)Integrated in nVidia© GeForce© Experince™ version
Video Converting/Editing Program Used:DaVinci Resolve 15.2.4

Video Conversion’s Specs:
(Video)1920×1080 QuickTime H.264 Codec;60 fps;22.000 Kbps
(Audio)AC-3 ACM;Stereo;48 KHz;320 Kbps


  1. Who sees this comment and doesn't know, just so you know I CAME here because they announced TERA will be SHUTDOWN on 30th of JUNE this Year. And I will forever miss the OLD Days of TERA.

  2. it's my old memory too, I like this event , and ppl usually do GVG or PVP at this time . its interesting

  3. ahh when every summoner got alliance horse and u have to move 2mins earlier cuz that snail raptor XD sold everything to get a snowdrift at least then got like 2-3 for free :,D

  4. Hello,I'm a solo musician under the name of Nexus Nostalgia so I was wondering how you came to name this….Iv been playing and recording with this moniker for years…

  5. when they summoned to LATE!!!! PASS LET ME HAVE IT!! mofoker dont ROLL!!! i NEED THOSE ALCHAS DAMN IT!! OMG my bad i rolled 99 tho…. some days yall good times funny times crazy times and MAN some MAD TIMES LMFAO

  6. Thank you so much for the nostalgia, Eiko

  7. really nice times mate … Always after nexus we do alliance in NA … harder level up but easier +12 and have a fun without +15 cancer …

  8. I remembered this from back in the day. I still had my abyss sword and the mayhem set was not released yet so it was doing this and hoping to get into a MCHM for the gear lol

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